Sunday, March 18

Putrajaya handsome!

Last saturday, i pi lah putrajaya nak tgok pesta hot air balloon. As a first timer, of kos teruja gila and i make a promise to come again next year and naik hot air balloon tu.

And putrajaya sangatlah handsome dan cun di waktu malam. Lindot and i teruja sekejap dapat jalan2 kt putrajaya. Haha :D

And we managed to visit masjid besi. Super duper cantik. lain kali i dtg lagi ye :)

Wednesday, February 29

selamat pengantin baru

mungkin dah terlambat nak ucapkan, selamat pengantin baru lisa surihani :) menangis semua jejaka melaya bila lisa kawen. hoho

ohhh, and selamat pengantin baru ntuk sume kwn yg nak kawen nti :)

Sunday, February 19

Wedding, friends, family and everything in between :)

It was a very good weekend :) dapat jumpa kawan2 highschool yg dah lama tak jumpa. Nasib baik zana kawen, if not x jumpa2 lah sume org. I do miss all my high school friends :( and hopefully nxt time, the reunion akan jadi lebih ramai org. The more the merrier! Oh, congrats zana and husband :) moga berbahagia hingga akhir hayat!

And of course, weekend digunakan ntuk spend time with family. Its been a while tak balik teluk intan, and this weekend dapat jugak melepaskan rindu :)

Till then,

Thursday, February 2

Productive weekdays :)

Yupppp this week was a very productive week ( eventho it's not sunday yet!).despite the hectic days at work, i managed to enjoy life with friends.

Oh yeah, i celebrated alot's bday with fafa and asya. Omg, cant believe all of us are turning to 24. Haish dah tua :( And at last, i can call alot 'kakak' untill my bday. Heheehe.

And since it was hari wilayah on wednesday, so we decided to go see gajah. It was funnn! At least, dapat naik gajah okayy!

And this weekend, its gonna be a long holiday.. Yeay! Gotta love it!

Till then, see u later !

Sunday, January 29

Skytrek adventure

At last we did our first extreme challenge for 2012! *clap2* good job purdue peeps!

To be honest, im afraid of height and doing skytrek adventure was a SCARY thing to do and way off from my comfort zone. The first 5 challenges, was 'omg-why-i-did-this' kinda feeling. But after that it get a lil bit easier and i enjoyed it!

And after the big thrill challenge, we're up for the next level challenge. We are up for extreme challenge. Jom kita test kegayatan masing2. Hahahaha :D

And i cant wait for our next activities!till then ciao!

Saturday, January 28