Wednesday, March 31

kaki tido -_-

benci gile bile time class jer, mengantuk! tghari tadi waktu mgmt class, my level of sleepiness is 70 percents. then, it goes up to 100 percents, thanks to my economics class. hahaha :D sian lecturer tuh, x de sape nk respon. 2 hari lps, ade jugak bnde yg tahan aku dr tido. bile aku nmpk org len tido, aku mcm nk tergelak. LAWAK OKE! i shud not say this since maybe in the future, aku pulak yg kene gelak. tp seriously man, i could not help it but laugh.

back to high school, i am such a sleepyhead! seriously, i do feel like i sleep more than anyone. hahaha :D during class, of course la tido especially kls arab except time kls shariah. since my ustaz is so handsome, cannot la malukan diri tido dpn ustaz kan! hahaha :D opss, ade satu lagi kls yg aku tak tido, kls agama gak. one of the reasons is ustazah tuh garang gile (fyi, husband die tu la "ustaz handsome" tuh) . klu tido nanti die ckp, "eh amalina, tgh memancing ke tuh? xper2, truskan memancing. nti siap la kamu lps abes kls yer!" scary takkkkk? then, balik sekolah, ptg tu tido lagi. after prep mlm pun aku trus tido. since aku takut gelap and x bole tido waktu lampu tutup, so, kene la tido awal before diorang tutup lampu kul 11 *alasan* plus, klu hari cuti tuh, klu la tetido waktu mkn tghari, sah2 aku x pi mkn. TIDO LAGI PENTING DARI MAKAN. ini prinsip waktu sekolah oke!

even bile balik sekolah asrama pun, asyik tido jugak. dlm bas nak balik umah, tido lagi. paling benci bile bas tak de aircond, panas nk mampus so,bile panas tuh, darah pun membuak2, mula la rase nk maki driver bus. sigh~ then, balik umah, tido pagi ptg siang mlm smpai mak sendiri ckp, "eh, ko ni tak cukup tido ke kat sekolah smpai dh jadi polar bear jer asyik tido? " haaa, x ker malu kalau mak sendiri yg ckp. lawak plak klu nk diingatkan. haha :D

tp waktu preparation kt intec, kurang skit la perangai tido. sikit jer kurang nye. hoho. tp kat kls still nak tido. malu gak bile lecturer nmpk kite tersenguk2, lps tu malu sendiri. hehe :P eventho klu aku tido awal pun, still aku tertido dlm kls. huhu

sbnrnye aku tulis pasal tido ni ade reason. ptg tadi aku nk men frisbee.tapi tak bole nk men sb aku terTIDO. huh, benci!

Monday, March 29

a for art pleaseeeeeeee :(

i want to write about something rite now
but probably shud not since i got an exam tomorrow,
and to be truth, im soo not in mood for books.
tgok, si pemalas amalina!
wish me luck for tomorrow.
ta ta!

till then,

Sunday, March 28

classy party woot woot

yesterday, we got a parttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! oh yeah, it was a blast. plus, we celebrated saini's and zira's bday too! happy birthday twins :P

here, i upload some of the pics. enjoy!

ps: i really need to do my hws. and study for my exam :( chaiyok amalina!

Thursday, March 25

a better day perhaps

esok jumaat. i dunno why, but i always keep thinking that jumaat as a day that we need to be nice and revise all things that we have done in a week. yeah, i noe it must sounds so pelik kan, in reality we shud act nicely and do good things everyday, not only on friday. but we're are human, we do good and bad stuffs. sometimes more bad than good (wah,im soo good at this. haha) so, the solution is we should improve ourself la kann.. perhaps tomorrow is a better day for me.

you guys must think that i've changed to be more "ustazah". actually no laar. i've been saying all these good things (all the pedoman dan nasihat) because today is my lazy day,im so not productive. and now, baru nak menyesal (that's sooo me). after finish my class at 1-ish, i've done nothing. NADA! KOSONG! TELUR AYAM! except watching alvin and the chipmunk 2, which cannot be categorized as a productive work! (maybe if im a movie critic but im not!lol)

i hate it when i always feel sleepy waktu hujan2 ni. luckily enuf, i managed to force my ass off the bed. i walked thru the rain to print some stuffs and manage to meet janet at pmu. so, that's the only productive work i've done so far for today. hahaha :D

baiklah, cukuplah tazkirah untuk hari ini. selamat malam sume. adios!

ps: have a nice weekend :)

Wednesday, March 24


this is random!

yesterday, i went to library, trying to study for my next exam but it totally doesnt work for me :( im a last-minute person, mcm org ckp, nak terberak baru nak cari jamban! ok2, enuf with that. nak cite lain sbnrnye.hehe :P so ceritanya, one friend of mine shows me a picture of a GUY,ok i want to stress this word again,a GUYYYYYYYY. im sooooo shocked! (my expression waktu ni, mata terbeliak, muka berkerut-kerut, mulut ternganga. hodoh kan?). not that he's sooo handsome but he's totally hurmmm (i never say he is handsome, far than handsome ok! hahaha) just search for LADY GA-GO at facebook and see it urself. probably you guys will laugh your ass off (like me!). no offense people! i seriously dont care if u are L or G, im totally fine with it. but this is f***ing funny, at least for me! hahahaha :D so, if u guys want some entertainment, just search for LADY GA-GO at fb and enjoy. kahkahkah!

Tuesday, March 23


ok, people, if u cant see me rite now, let me tell u im smiling! hahaha :D it's actually nothing but im too excited tho. Janet called me! yeayyyyyy. omg, its been ages since the last time i met her. been busy with classes, exams and everything. most of the spring break i spent most of my time with friends, woke up late, so no time to see janet lah.omg, i miss janet! :( luckily, this week im kind of free. so, i get chance to meet her, probably gonna drop at pmu later this week :)

Monday, March 22

late night

i hate it when my stomach makes sounds. especially bile tgh2 mlm ni. please la mr perut, be kind to me. we need to work together, we need to DIET ok! thinking about tomorrow, my stomach probably makes the "kruk-kruk" sounds. seriously, everytime aku pi class ni, sure2 perut berbunyi. apela nasib badan~~

Sunday, March 21


since tomorrow we gonna start our class, today's post would be the summary of my-so-called-spring-break. ok, lets start.

the beginning of spring break, we (me and roommates laaa) went to the Journey at indy for a lunch of heaven seafoods. yup, it is mouthwatering yet only costs us 8 dollars. and the best part is, when we enter the restaurant, they even welcome us with, "selamat dtg! dari malaysia ya?" hah, nasib bek betul2 org malaysia, mcm mne klu org arab. haaaaaa. x ke naya name nye tuh :P

in the middle of spring break, the budaks2 (who doesnt have plan for spring break,instead of going somewhere else, we stay at purdue. yes, we love purdue so much that we not even bother to leave it for holidays. sounds sarcastic rite? hahaha :D) stay together at the BEST vila you can found in west lafayette, VILA AMAL & FAFA. we provide foods, bedroom, tour around purdue and games. the best! hahahaha :D. so, my plan to kuruskan badan has been cancelled after fully load with good foods from fana ( omg,roti jala is the best la :D) and saini ( dapat makan nasi goreng sume bagai, bole jadi caterer ni. haha). eventho my diet is cancelled, kena juga bersenam. so, frisbee has been our main activity. pagi petang siang malam! haha :D

the so-called professional players of putt-putt

so, the final part of my-so-called-spring break is hanging out with friends. since it's been ages since our last "mamak" style of lepak-ing, we went for a lunch at scottys down at wabash. yup, it was a good meeting. hopefully we had other activities coming up since nazira's and saini's bday is coming. they even have the same birthday, we shud just called them abang and adik la. hmm, good idea! *clap clap*

selamat hari jadi yer :P

every summary has a conclusion rite? i would say that i had a great spring break. valuable time with friends is the best thing that i valued during the break. thank you guys. oh, eventho im not going anywhere, i got a t-shirt from iowa. cantik! thanks hanan :)

sampai di sini sahaja summary saya hari ini. dapat A ke tak ni klu antar kt lecturer? hmm..


picture of the day, rempittttt!

*pics from nazira's. thank you yer :P *

Tuesday, March 16

sun ♥ us

we are soooo in love with the sun.truly in love with the sun ♥. hah, now i noe why all the "mat salehs" love sun soo much. smpai pkai bikini jer ke mana-mana. i think one of the reasons is after months tak merasai kepanasan, we value the HOTNESS soooo much. ye la kan, bak kata pepatah, bile tak de, baru terhegeh-hegeh nk kat bnde tuh. *wahhh, ade ke pepatah tu yer? * so,my conclusion is winter membuatkan kite benci pada snow tapi suka kepada cik matahari. second reason, all the "mat salehs" suka color tan. so, im very proud of my skin color, sometimes they even ask me if i went for a tanning session. usually, i just nod, agreeing with them. im asian, of course im tan kannn.hahaha.

ok, kejap, aku terpikir ape yg aku merepek ni? actually aku x de idea nk tulis ape. so, sorry yer ntuk ke merapuan di atas. hehe :P ouh, sebenarnya aku nk cite yg aku pi picnic hari ni. it was soo much fun. we play, we eat, we play again, and then, we eat again. and lots of laugh too! one thing that i notice, waktu cuti ni la kite nk bonding with our friends. usually, we were so busy with our classes and stuffs, and we dont have time to talk,chat, laugh with our friends. so, holidays are the best time for us to do it. my advice, enjoy your life to the fullest during this break.if u got no money, be like us, stay at purdue :P but not to forget, enjoy your time with your friends :)

Saturday, March 13

age never limit us

i just got back from nazira's house. im beyond than full. my stomach has been filled with cakes, kerepeks and many things. omg, it's heaven! thank you nazira :) and time kaseh juga ntuk games twilight dan monopoly hari ini. and a fun fact for today, boys do watch twilight okeh! betul tak rahim, bobo? hehehe :P

btw, i saw videos from youtube about talent show called Pilipinas got talent (maybe it's the same format as britain got talent) so, when i watched the video,i've been impressed by a group of makcik2 yg maseh lgi bersemangat ntuk menari. they danced for single ladies (beyonce) woot woot ! omg, im soooooo surprised! im hoping that when i grew older, i will stay active and fit like them. tak nak la dh umur 60, duduk jer kt umah tunggu anak cucu balik kampung. i want to be a "vogue granny". hahahaha :D

so, enjoy the video guys :) here's the video.

spring break hols

so, spring break is officially starts and im going to enjoy every minutes of it. lets put books and school stuffs aside, and starts thinking of a good party! enjoy ur break guys :) HAPPY SPRING BREAK!! oh, hampir terlupa, drive carefully. don't drink and drive :P or else, u will end up in jail or hospital.hehe

Wednesday, March 10

jangan bace entry ni

kepada kalian semua, sudah ku terangkan, jangan bace entry ini kerana entry kali ini sgtlah biol dan luahan perasaan semata-mata. ok, seriously aku sudah letih ngn exam berjuta berlambbak ni. dgn tido tak cukup, assignments bagai nak air yg turun mencurah byknya (lagi marah bile ade org suka hati mak bapak die je tiru assignment,padahal aku lagi byk bnde nk buat. argh!) , maka dgn ini diisytiharkan... saya sudah penat! BILE NK ABES EXAM NI?? BILEEEEEEEEEE??? semoga mereka yg sanggup baca entry-ku ini bahagia hendaknya :(


Monday, March 8


i dont even started any of my exams but i already feel sooooo tired. seriously, I AM TIRED!! huh, these econs subjects are killing me. argh, i cant wait for friday. please come. i beg you. i want to sleep. a real quality sleep! for you guys who have exams, good luck! lets do the best ! (sooo not me).

nerdy @_@

Saturday, March 6

exams again ~_~

to make my life much harder, i got 4 exams next week.
nice right???
one on tuesday,
two on wednesday,
and the final exam for the week on thursday.
wish me luck guys, i really need it :(

Friday, March 5

♥ weather ♥

im loving the weather
can't wait for spring
miss the bbq and picnic time

Wednesday, March 3

artistic la konon

seperti yg kalian tahu, aku amek class art sem ni. bukan sb aku suke, tp terpaksa. tp lately, mcm suka plak ngn kls art ni. especially bile ade assignments. best! and today, aku skip class ntuk siapkan assignment aku (ckp je la mls nk pi kls. alasan!haha :P) and this is the result

it is kind-of-collage about myself. to be honest, i seriously dunno how to do it. so, i just cut every pictures that look interesting and paste it. cut and paste! fafa pun tolong cri small pictures to cover the white background, since my lecturer told us not to have any obvious white background.trimas :) at last, still ade jugak. haha. whateva. im proud of myself. terkeluar jugak la ke"artistic"an aku tuh. hahaha :D good job amalina!

btw, berckp ttg kls art ni. ade satu incident kt kls art. not me okay, incident perut berbunyi dh lame berlalu. hohoho. so, as usual, lecturer aku, Susan explains about art kt dpn kls and suddenly die ter"stop" kejap. kitorang pun mcm tertanya la kenapa kan. tibe2 terdengar satu musikal "kroh-kroh-kroh" of the day. ade org tertido smpai berdengkur rupe nye. hahaha. yg pling x bley blah tuh , lps die terjaga sb org sblh kejutkan die, die bole buat cool. siap suh cikgu tu teruskan balik lecture die. hahaha. aku mmg tabik spring ah kt mamat tuh. cool gile! kahkahkah :D if aku lar, sah2 seminggu aku x gi kls dh lps tuh. klu nk pi pun, aku pkai purdah. hahaha :D

kreatif la konon,
amal :P

Monday, March 1

halia ooo halia

what im about to write will be kind of awkward or maybe funny for u guys. idk. so, guess what? i do think that my friends aka my roommates love me. muahahaha!! :D ( seeee,all of u guys will be laughing like hell) do u guys remember in the last post, i wrote bout how i got pain all over my body after snowboard. and yeah, i still have the pain but it has been lessened, thanks to my lovely, yet caring roommates ♥ (isn't they sweet :P) eventho, they forced me to drink "air halia" yg semestinya tak sedap (of course la kan, klu sedap,mesti la sume org suka mkn ubat kan??), i did appreciate it since i can walk quite normal today. klu tak, mcm org robot ok! not only that, when i show them yg i got a lot of bruises (i mean A LOT, mcm kena belasah ngn gaster ok!), they even made "ubat halia" for me. *u guys perasan tak yg my roommates ni suke bnde berkaitan dgn halia? hahaha :D * sweeeettttkan diorang? hahaha :D auwwww, terharu whateva it is, thank you and i love u guys ♥ (sweet tak aku buat post ni ntuk korang :P) so, peeps, sape rase sakit2 bdn tuh, meh ah dtg umah kitorang, roommates aku bole buat "jamu halia" ntuk korang. hehehe :P

si minah halia,
amal :)