Saturday, February 28

haPpy bIrtHday, anYah!!!

sori sis, x de mse ntuk wish ur bday!!tp long buatkan card..hehehe.nti long kasi adiah ek.nway, have a great bday and may ur wish come u.muaxxx!!!

.:bile kebosanan melanda:.

~i lyke this pic~

my family..miss them~~

roomates ku yg gile..hahaha..=p

Friday, February 27

life is hard..sigh~~

its been a while rite?hmm..dunno what to write.hmm..this week, nothing much about my self.i got two exams but dats not the biggest problem for me, still can handle it though.except korean.i already took korean for two smsters but still bodo lg.mmg sah x de bakat.i dunno why but i took 5 hours to study korean but still, bile exam, blank.arghh..the same thing happen to fafa and eric.(if im not mistaken, we're the only person who doesnt hve korean blood in our family.and hell yes,yg len sume org korea plus some of them are pure koreans.i mean they live in korea and they come to the states to study,just like me.i really dont undrstand why they took korean.u can speak korean, u can read korean, then why u still in d class..daaa..)huhuhu..nway, yesterday, aku mcm boring giler,so aku pn edit lar some pics.including my family pics, my sheesh kebabs and my housemate pics..later on, i'll show u guys the pics..quite good for org yg buta seni mcm aku neyh.hehehe..sejak beberapa mggu neyh,i heard bout school reunion and i think it's good lar.after long time, we have time to meet with our old frens and chat and do things together.isn't nice?i like the idea tp npe slalunyer aku x leh g.haish..nk gak jmpe kwn2 lme..=(..ari tuh, aku tertinggal reunion sek rendah.dh lme x jmpe kwn2 sek rendah neyh.but then, bukan rzki yg aku musykilnye, time aku kt oversea ni lar dorang sibuk nk buat reunion.dlu x de pun aku dgr nk buat reunion.pity me.=(..btw, aku bru balik keje.n guess what, bertimbun giler keje nk kne buat and i'll work for the whole weekends.lucky girl!!and one of my workmates, janet is having surgery today (i dont really know the reason for her surgery but i think its only minor surgery..she can handle it, gagah perkasa workmate aku neyh..but i already miss her..=)..she will be off for 4-5 weeks..huhuhu..)and then, td diane( my nicey, motherly supervisor) tnjuk kt kitorang gmbr sorang mamat(we called him mr magnet..) yg kakak die mcm nk matchmaking ah ntuk die..nice looking guy plus not that old for diane. i really hope diane will find someone that she gonna married(actually, aku tringin giler nk g knduri kawin kt sni..nk tgok mcm mne diorang kawen..hehehe)..*menguap*dh gonna sleep..good nite..

Wednesday, February 18

im soo

today, as always i did stupid thing.eeeeee..geramnye kt diri sndiri.aku terprint slide mgmt ngn care yg slh.mksud aku, satu slide satu muka surat and in the end, aku membazir berpuluh2 helai kertas..arrgghh*ketuk kepala sndiri..toink2*done with that stupid thing...ari ni, fafa ckp, penyakit polar bear aku dh mula kembali sb aku suka sgt tido skang ni.aku pn x phm, lately kuat giler tido.why...why??but then, i think its normal since rate aku tido mmg kalah mnusia normal..hahahaha!!!btw, lupe lak nk bgtau, one of workers kt kitchen (kathy) died on monday.urrghhh..terkejut gak lar coz i think she is really young..she's only around 40..didnt expect it.but then, ajal maut di tgn tuhan,kite x tau.*insaf2*..nyway, thanks diane for the cookies.really like it..

Sunday, February 15

.:miss independent:.

It's something about
Just something about
The way she moved
I can't figure it out
There's something
About her

Say ooh there's something
About kinda women
That want you but don't need you
Hey, I can't figure it out
There's something about her
Cuz she walk like a boss
Talk like a boss
Manicured nails
Just sent the pedicure off
She's fly effortlessly
Cuz she move like a boss
Do what a boss
She got me thinking
About getting involved
That's the kinda girl I need

She got her own thing
That's why I love her
Miss independent
Won't you come
And spend a little time
She got her own thing
That's why I love her
Miss independent
The way you shine
Miss independent

There's something
About kinda woman
That can do it for herself
I look at her
And it makes me proud
There's something about her
There something so sexy
About the kinda women
That don't even need my help
She says she got it
She got it, no doubt
There's something about her
Cuz she work like the boss
Play like the boss
Car and a crib
She about to pay em both off
And her bills are paid on time
She made for a boss
Soley a boss
Anything less
She's telling em to get lost
That's the girl
That on my mind

She got her own thing
That's why I love her
Miss independent
Won't you come
And spend a little time
She got her own thing
That's why I love her
Miss independent
The way you shine
Miss independent

Her favorite thing
Is to say don't worry I got it
And everything she got
Best believe
She bought it
She gone steal my heart
Ain't no doubt about it
Your everything I need
Said your everything
I need

She got her own thing
That's why I love her
Miss independent
Wont you come
And spend a little time
She got her own thing
That's why I love her
Miss independent
Ooh the way you shine
Miss independent
That's why I love her

.:happy birthday:.

~our cakes~

.:me and diane:.

~my workmates~

its like a must to celebrate friend's bday..especially for the, last week, fana nyer turn and one of my lovely workmates, diane..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!have a great one...=)

.:red everywhere:.

obviously, we love to

.:charlie's angels:.

gong xi fa cai!!!


Saturday, February 7


so busy maaaa...waaa!!!!cannot have one korean test tomorrow and i hate it.then on wedensday, i got one exam( maths), a homework and assignment due on the same day.bley jadi giler neh( but i'll try my best ntuk x jdi gile..hehehe..=p).WISH ME LUCK!!!!ganbatte nee..

Wednesday, February 4


dammit!!!i lost my coat..waaaaaa!!!!!i love that coat soooo much..huhuhu....bagi lar balik.akan ku cari coat ku smpai ke lubang cacing.waaaaa!!!!

Monday, February 2

TAKEN-i dont know who you are, but if u dont let my daughter go, i will find you, i will kill you!!!

pe yg aku wat wekend ari tuh..hehehe..i watched mvies but bukn kt cinema, onlne cost but aku rse worth it jugak ler klu tgo cite "TAKEN" ni kt cinema.enough said, its a good movie..its about a former spy yg kne slmtkan his daughter in 96 hours or else, he wouldnt see his daughter again..cite neyh seriously membuatkan kite rse takut nk travel sorang2 ataupun, klu nk travel, bwk family skali..hahahaha..pengajaran nye, jgn cpt percaya kt org asing, mybe die jahat and one more, jgn melawan ckp ayah..hahahaha!!!!part pling mendebarkan yg aku rse gabra giler, bile org jahat tgh culik kwn si Kim(Bryan's daughter)and tgh mencari si Kim neyh and Bryan(si ayah) suh Kim nyorok bwh katil.pstu Bryan ckp, "the next part is really important, they're going to take you"(lebih kurang mcm ni lar ayat die..lupe daa...)..cbe bygkan org jht dlm umah and tgh cri kite, then org ckp plak mcm tuh..mmg menakutkan dan mendebarkan.bley tercabut jantung dibuatnyer..but respect kt bapak die neyh coz berjaya jmpe daughter die balik.byk gak ar org die bunuh.dh ler lwn sorang2 kan, berjaya pulak bukankah sume movie mcm tuh..x kisah lar, yg penting die mmg, anyone yg tgh tercari2 movie per nk tgok, i suggest TAKEN..