Tuesday, January 27

updating myself

hmmmm..its been a while since my last post( bukan lme mne pun..)quite busy lar these days..btw, last sunday, kitorang smbut hanan nyer bday and it was fun..we got makan-makan and chit chatting..love that moment.ye ah, slalu everyone busy ngn life, then when we have time to sit and eat together, mcm2 ler cite kuar especially girls..(perempuan mmg sume perangai lebeyh kurang jer including me..hehehe)btw, happy bday hanan..opss..lupe plak,ntuk farid skali..byk jugak org bday sme bulan neyh..heehe..this 31st january, alot plak..nk bg ape ek??hurmm..

Saturday, January 24

this badge was awarded to me by cik fafie...yeay!!!(ape yg aku buat neyh...)

10 facts about me:

1) actually, i dont know why im taking economics..thats funny coz i hate econs..so rite now, im taking management..
2) pling bodo bab it sb aku x phm mcm mne function nyer..penat jer bljr..aku ttp x phm..
3) klu aku mengangguk tu,blum tentu aku phm..(nk ckp sbnrnye aku lampi..tp ayat ni mcm sedap skit..hehehe)..cik fafa ngn mesak slalu gelakkan aku..hehehe..
4) aku ni kurang sabar..dlu kat sek lg lar..skang ni okeyh lagi ar..tp still..
5)suker kaler putih..sb putih itu bersih..lol
6) org x penah pggil aku ngn nme lina..wonder why??hahaha!!!!
7) love to eat but not good at cook at all..hahahaha!!
8) suke gile kat air jagung kt mastan ghani( ni kt tmpt aku tinggal, my beloved teluk intan)..jom kwn2, klu de mse kite g..ni bukan air jagung bese tau..sedaaaaappppppp
9) cepat gelabah mcm nak mati and mybe akan effect org len skali..so, wktu aku tgh runsing, jgn kacau..hohohoho..
10) aku pun x phm nape aku buat bnde neyh...

then..as the others, aku pun nk adiah kan badge ni kpde..
1) cik maisa
2) my adik, amalia
3) my sheesh kebab pye geng, shereen
4) another sheesh kebab geng, kay
5) sape2 jer lar..klu nak amek jer lar..hahahaha!!!

Friday, January 23


aaa...dunno where to start..rite now, my feeling really mixed up.arghh!!!this is the most painful week for this year and its only january..huhuhuhu...truly saying, aku rse aku de buat salah...dunno whether Allah or people around me or anyone else..i am truly sorry if i've done wrong.bnde dh jadi, x bley nk patah balik tp one thing that i could do is to learn from mistakes.. good thing bout this incident is I got lesson from it(a big one though).hmmm...semalam...mmg hati dh rse x tenang and aku dh x tau mcm mne lg nk tenangkan hati aku ni so, i called my mom.at first, mmg x nak bgtau bout this problem but could not help it, bgtau jugak.sblm call tu mmg rse mcm nk nanges, hati dah sebak...then, tgh call, cite kat my mom sume bnde.mcm bley tahan perasaan lagi(i said to myself, please dont cry.be strong)..but at one point, aku diam and ckp kt mak aku,"ibu doakan long ek.."mmg x bley tahan..aku letak telefon and *tsk..tsk*...before tido, i said to myself, thats it..klu dpt, alhamdulillah but if not, then redha jer lar( Allah de perancangan die sndiri and Allah lebih tahu ape yg terbaik ntuk kite)..anyway, thanks to all my friends..shereen, alot, fafa, mesak, fana, hanan, fatin and everyone who help me and tenangkan hati aku.i really appreciate that. move on amalina!!!panjang lagi perjalanan idup neyh.this is one of thousands adventures in your life. chaiyok..again, thanks guys.love u guys.may Allah bless all of you.

p/s: skang bru aku merasai perasaan homesick yg makin menebal dlm diri ini. ( ya Allah, permudahkan aku)..

Wednesday, January 21

mem"blogging"kan diri

aku sbnrnye sdg menahan diri dr tido..so, bukak blog and of course, blogging ah...hehehe...err...today, i joined rally for gaza..bley than lar but freaking cold..but sume nyer bersemangat, respek ah...btw, lupe nk cite..smlm ako de lab ntuk cs and inilah satu2 nye bnde yg ako x suke..bile kene buat lab, dgn computer lak tuh.haish..mmg x best bg seorang yg buta it..msuk2 kls, kne buat assignment lak..mmg terkial2 lar ako..tercari2 ler mne satu ribbon, mne satu tabs, mcm2 lah..mmg jantung waktu tuh, mcm kene2 pijak..ako rse lme kelamaan, sakit jantung ako neyh...haish..x best2, tp kne gak amik...redha jer lar..mybe de bgus nyer kan..mybe nti ako reti ler nk gne bnde alah access, excel, word ngn sume lah,..harap2 lar...tp mcm tak jer..hehehe..ari neyh, i got class at 7.30 am..waahh!!!jeles gile tgok sume org tgh tido lg..mcm mls nk g kls, tp x per..kne kuatkan smgt(awal2 sem mmg mcm neyh..tggu ler ujung sem nti..hehehe)...dh smpai kt bustop, bru teringt yg ako lupe nk bwk epal..hehehe...pe kes ngn epal neyh??ako bwk epal sb ako takut lapa wktu kls nti coz kls aku x de break smpai kul 11.30...x break fast lak tuh..nti bunyi lak perut..nsib bek cik fafa tlong bwakkan epal..thank u cik fafa~~tp yg pling best, sok ako x de class...weeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~


apabile bosan..inilah yg berlaku...amek kamera, tgkp gmbr...hehehe...lol...

Sunday, January 18


td fatin ckp kat ako...die homesick..sedeyh gak ar..btul..kadang2 tibe2 jer rse homesick..dlu kt intec, bley ar balik bile2 mse..tp skang neyh, nak balek??hurrmmm..x yah ar..jauh gile..perjalanan menyakitkan ati,sakit pinggang dan semuanyer lar..tp t lar..dpt balek umah pon best.bley mkan byk2, tido puas2..hahahaha!!!!!x per fatin..klu ko rse homesick, meh ah dtg kt umah aku neyh..hehehe..inilah gunenye kwan kan??hehehe....*tibe2 rse nk balik msia*haish~~~~

look into my eyes

Look into my eyes
Tell me what ya see
U don't see a damn thing
Cuz u can't relate to me

U blinded by our differences
My life makes no sense to u
I'm the persecuted one
U the red, white and blue

Each day u wake in tranquility
No fears to cross your eyes
Each day I wake in gratitude
Thankin' God He let me rise

Ya worry 'bout your education
And the bills u have to pay
I worry 'bout my vulnerable life
And if I'll survive another day

Ya biggest fear is getting a ticket
As ya cruise your Cadillac
My fear is that the tank that's just left
Will turn around and come back

Yet do u know the truth of where ya money goes
Do u let the media deceive your mind
Is this a truth that nobody knows
Has our world gone all blind
Yet do u know the truth of where ya money goes
Do u let the media deceive your mind
Is this a truth that nobody knows
Some one tell me

Oh let's not cry tonight
I promise you one day it's through
Ohohoh my brothers
Ohohoh my sisters

Oh shine a light for every soul
That ain't with us no more
Ohohoh my brothers
Ohohoh my sisters

See I've known terror for quite some times
57 years so cruel
Terror breathes the air I breathe
It's the check point on my way to school

Terror is the robbery of my land
And the torture of my mother
The imprisonment of my innocent father
The bullet in my baby brother

The bulldozers and the tanks
The gasses and the guns
The bombs that fall outside my door
All due to your funds

You blame me for defending myself
Against the ways of my enemies
I'm terrorized in my own land
And I'm the terrorist

Yet do u know the truth of where ya money goes
Do u let the media deceive your mind
Is this a truth that nobody knows
Has our world gone all blind
Yet do u know the truth of where ya money goes
Do u let the media deceive your mind
Is this a truth that nobody knows
Some one tell me

Oh let's not cry tonight
I promise you one day it's through
Ohohoh my brothers
Ohohoh my sisters

Oh shine a light for every soul
That ain't with us no more
Ohohoh my brothers
Ohohoh my sisters

American do ya realize
That the taxes that u pay
Feed the forces that traumatize
My every living day

So if I won't be here tomorrow
It's written in my fate
May the future bring a brighter day
The end of our wait

Oh let's not cry tonight
I promise you one day it's through
Ohohoh my brothers
Ohohoh my sisters

Oh shine a light for every soul
That ain't with us no more
Ohohoh my brothers
Ohohoh my sisters

p/s: sometimes if i post a lyrics, that doesn't mean i like the songs...sajer2 jer~~

bru bgun tido

haish..ako bru jer bgun tido, rse mcm letih lak arini..mmg membuang mse btul..hohohoho..pg tadi aku bgun awal sket..weee~~*x de per perlu dibanggakan...-_-*ako bgun awal sb kene g keje..hahahaha!!!tp x per..x de sejuk sgt ari neyh, so x kisah..x de keje pun kt tmpt keje..hahahaha..boring giler, jln2 kt kitchen..lps tuh sembang2 ngn janet..then, beth buat pancake..kitorang pun mkn ler pancake..then, sembang2 lg..akhirnye, dtg ler plates nyer..so, buat2 kejap(of course ler kan, sb klu keje ngn janet,mmg laju..)then, janet antr ako balek..dah balek, ako rse ngantuk, then ako tido..mlm neyh, ako nk siapkan sume homework..inilah idop ako...haish~

Saturday, January 17

the curious case of benjamin button

just now, ako bru jer abes tgok cite 'the curious case of benjamin button'..sedeyh gak cite neyh..tp one thing sblm sape2 nk tgok cite neyh, die pye jalan cite die agak lambat..saometimes mcm meleret sgt..tp last2 nyer part agak sedeyh..mcm nk menitik air mata gak...citer neyh mengisahkan ttg benjamin yg dilahirkan x seperti org len..org len dilahirkan dgn muke baby yg comei, tp benjamin tak..die dilahirkan dgn muke org tua. his father can't accept him, so buang die kt satu umah org tua dan kt situ benjamin dibesarkan oleh seorang black woman called quinny(di e pggil this lovely woman mom)..benjamin neyh sbnrnye de penyakit yg mne, waktu kecil2 muke die sprti org tua and smkin die besar, semakin muda..which meean die akan mati dlm keadaan and rupa bntuk baby...die de crush wktu die kecik iaitu pompuan yg cantik, daisy..wlaupun rupe benjamin neyh tua( btw, benjamin dilakonkan oleh brad pitt...so its kind of exciting sb bley tgok muka brad waktu tua2...hehehhe..), daisy ttp suke kat benjamin.itulah dinamakan cinta tak mengenal rupa..(aku dh mula merepek)..berbagai rintangan ler si benjamin and daisy ni lalui until one day, si daisy ni bgtau yg she's pregnant. of course benjamin felt happy but dia riso coz die x nak anak die akan ade penyakit mcm die..alhamdulillah, slps anak die lahir, anak die normal mcm org len and it's a girl..semakin anak tu membesar, benjamin ckp kt daisy that she need to find a new dad for their only child coz dia x nak daisy terpaksa membesarkan dua org budak kecil..smpai satu masa, benjamin tinggalkan segala hartanya for his wife, daisy and his only child and pergi melihat dunia..(yg pling terharu, bnjamin x lpe nk antr poskad kt anak die but his daughter never know bout that)..smpai satu masa, benjamin pulang kembali and dpt tau yg anak pmpuan die dh jd teenager and dh de ayah baru and daisy agak terkejut sb muka benjamin wkt tu muda gile mcm remaja..mereka berdua meneruskan their own life until one day, daisy got one call from umah org tua2..kt situ, daisy lihat benjamin sdg men piano and guess what, physically, benjamin looks like a pimary school kids..the reality, benjamin sudah tua and mula menjadi pelupa(die lupe sape daisy and sume org)..spnjg mse daisy jaga benjamin seperti wktu kecik2..finally, benjamin mati dlm pangkuan daisy..wktu tuh, benjamin dlm keadaan baby and daisy said that before benjamin died, benjamin look at her as he know who is her to him..sedeyh sunggoh..huhuhuhu..the last part, at last daisy pun meninggal and before that, she said "good nite, benjamin"(ayat neyh diorang slalu sbut sblm dorang tido...)..itulah pengakhirannye..cite yg sedeyh cmpur skit magical..okeylah, aku rse ckup ler review aku psl cite neyh..hohohohoho...aku nak wat himework lak ah, mandi, bersihkan bilik..nak wat sume bnde lar...kne siapkan mlm neyh..so keje kul 12..huhuhuhu...cmne nk g keje neyh..harap2 x sejuk.huhuhuhu...see ya...

Friday, January 16

day before weekend

as usual, today mmg sejuk giler but better that yesterday..dapat jugak aku mengharungi kesejukan pagi2 dgn muka pkai purdah..hehehe(sejuk gile..aku rse klu x tutup muke, idung aku akan beku...hohohoho)...and how's my day??hurmm..overall okay lar, tp pling x best skali wktu kls korean..i couldn't understand any single word yg kuar dr mulut seong sang nim..damn..mne taknyer, klu ckp sepenuhnyer dlm korean, x kan ler nk expect ako phm kan..cer klu aku ckp bhse melayu, die phm ker...eeeee.....geraaaammmmmmm!!!biar jer kan, buat sakit ati jer..huh.nsib bek kls ako smpai kul 1 lebeyh..last class ialah english..seorang kwn aku, chinese girl, Lu ckp kt ako yg smlm is one of the worst weather kt indiana..fuih...dasat tuh..bile sejuk2 mcm neyh lar kite terasa malaysia negara pling best kt dunia neyh..hohohoho..bak kate pepatah, hujan emas di negeri orang, ujan batu di negara sendiri...chewwaaahhhhh!!!!berperibahasa plak..hehehehe....so, ape yg aku buat lps balek..mestilah T.I.D.U.R....hehehehe..ntah nape, ngantuk plak..bgun2 tido, rse lapar plak kan..msak jer lar nasi goreng..pantas dan senang..hahaha!!then, aku bukak youtube..tetibe tertengok malaysian idol and american idol nyer audition..fuih..lawak seyh...x tahan..pecah perut gelak...hohohohoho!!!

Thursday, January 15

penyakit lapar

bukan per..tp aku tgh lapar...mcm bru jer mkn kul 5 lebeyh td sme ngn mesak..ni dh lapa blik..haish...sejuk2 nikan, asyik buatkan kite nk mkn jer...huhuuhhuhu...


wahhhhh!!!!arini sejukkkkk...x tahan..nsib bek pkai 3 lapis,tu pun sjuk lg..lagi nasib bek, ble arini aku x de kls..best2!!bgun pon bley ar lmbt2 skit..klu ler aku de kls kul 7.30 am td, cer bygkan terseksanye idop..ish2..berbalik pde cite td(aku neyh suke melalut..mslh tul..) kul 2 aku g jmpe hajra( aku rse die dr pakistan or india, senang cite somewhere lar..aku mmg de mslh geografi neyh)...study jap and sembang2...lps tuh, trus balik..x tahan,sejuk..nk tggu bas tu mmg seksa..btul lah kte org dlu2..penantian itu satu penyeksaan...hahahahaha!!!!wktu time sejuk2 mcm neyh lar, terasa nak balik msia..bestnyer..(mula dah melalut)..td si alodah neyh, ckp ler kt aku yg die msk kuih bahulu. x tau pe mimpi buat kuih bahulu..nak kte raye, pose pon lmbt lagi..tp alot kte sedappppp kuih bahulu die..die bg kt aku resipi..nti senang2, bley ah buat..ntah bile nyer...hahahahaha!!!!!x kisah ler kan..btw, nsib bek cuaca sejuk dan berangin bak "sempoi-sempoi bahasa" neyh akan berakhir sok..alhamdulillah..klu x, beku ler ako nk g kls sok..nsib bek sok kls kul 8.30..inilah nasib~~~

Wednesday, January 14

esok x de class...tehee~~~

esok aku x de class....hehehehe..best2...esok nk study skit kot..sb korean aku mcm bing jer..tp beselah,hangat2 tahi ayam jer..kang sok bgun lmbt, dh cancel..hehehe..perkara bese tuh..esok de mcm gaza rally..hurmm..nak g ke x??tgok ler dlu..mcm bley jer g..x de per pun nk buat..pe slh nyer g kan..ni aku dh boring dah sbnrnye..sb tuh tulis blog..bese lah aku neyh..buat hmwork malas..pe nk jadi ngn azam taun bru neyh..hehehehehe...haa..bru nk cite..td aku, fafa ngn mesak pun bersembang2 ler*setiap ari mmg mcm de satu time, kitorang dok sme2 sembang lar..mcm2 ler kitorang ckp*...tetibe terkeluar ler cite psl baby..fafa ngn mesak pun cite ler psl baby bru lahir mcm ular..kitorang trus search kt utube..jumpe ler video nyer..first2 tgok mmg takut..tp lps tuh mcm sian lak..mmg nk tunjuk kuasa tuhan tuh..*tetibe rse keinsafan lak*...okeyh2..jom buang mse lagi..lalalalalala~~


waaahhhh......ari ni snow turun xbley blah..dh ler aku nyer class kul 7.30..snow turun mcm ujan..tp cantek gak ar..nmpk semua putih..tp lps tu..yaikkkksssss...messy giler and slippery..bahaya btul.kne jalan hati2..klu x, alamatnyer jatuh ler..ari neyh mmg mencabar, luckily my math lecturer finished the class eralier, so dpt ler aku smpai ke korean class on time. klu x, selamat jalan ah..hehehehe...berckp psl korean class neyh, geram lak aku ngn seong sang nim neyh..dh ler aku x phm per yg die ckp, lps tuh bley suh lak kite hafal number2 dlm bhse korea tu in 2 mins..dh ler de 2 jenis bhse..bengang betul..nsib bek die lecturer, klu x, dh lme aku cekik2...hohohohoho!!!!x per2...lg satu sem jer..lps neyh x yah bljr dah..hooreyyyyy!!!!!!btw, aku bru au yg hajra satu kls ngn aku..so, lps neyh bley lar bljr sme ngn die..sng skit de org nk refer neyh..klu x, susah skit ler,kne alert lebeyh skit..ni bleyh lar rileks skit dlm kls..hehehe*ayat org pemalas mmg mcm neyh...hohohohoho*

Monday, January 12


bru jer call my mom...aik..call mak pun kne bgtau dlm blog ker..hahahaha!!!sajer2 jer..dh boring neyh kan..tp kan,takut pun de..sok de class lg..mls nyer nk g kls..huhuhuhu...sembang2 ngn ibu aku td..ibu pun cite ler psl aina, my adik bongsu yg manja sgt2..(anyah pggil die pink panther sb suke sgt kaler pink..hahahaha)..ibu ckp yg skang kan de perang2 kt palestin tuh, de skali aina ni balik umah..die ckp ler.."ibu2, lps neyh x bley mkn kfc ker mc donalds ker, ape2 jer lar..cikgu ckp x bley sb diorang bom org and sume tu u.s pye..."...then, ibu aku ckp,"mcm mne ngn kak long...kak long duduk kt u.s?"...lps tu aina berfikir and balas balik,"jgn bgtau kak long..diam2 jer lar..."...hahahahha!!!lawak btul adik aku neyh..de plak x nak bgtau aku...x per2..pape jer lar aina..

first day class of spring class...

alhamdullah, aku manage to wake up early this morning..7.30 pye class ni mmg mencabar btul..huish..msuk2 kls, of course ler aku x de kwn semalaysia kan..class awal sgt..hahahaha!!!but it's ok..bley survive kot..then, aku de 3 kls lagi..yg pling truk ble aku kne g kls korean..kls math aku kt neil armstrong building and korean class at beering hall..jauh die mcm ujung dunia ke ujung dunia..then, for first day class, aku dtg lmbt..nsib bek aku dh knal dh lecturer tu..aku pun ckp ler kt die yg i couldn't come early coz jauh sgt but i'll try my best..nsib bek ler die phm..after that, aku g jumpe amanda kt math building..sembang2 bout our holidays and etc..then, aku g kls english..this is the funniest part..most of my classmates are malaysian(senang nk cerita, melayu lar...)hahahahaha!!!nak tergelak pun de..and the others dtg from china,indonesia, korea and sorang lg x pasti..x ingt nme country die..nsib bek kls english ni x de textbook..klu x, abes ah aku..mahal gile textbook..dh ar wajib beli..buku cs pun 144..dh ler berat, besar plak tuh...mslh betul..cbe bygkan, cmne ler nk bwk buku berat2 dlm sehari...mati ler aku...btw, aku abes jer kls, balik umah, ingtkan nk tido kejap..hah, amek ko..smpai kul 6 lebeyh aku tido..x ingt dunia btul..bgun2 dh gelap dah..fuih, mmg nikmat lar..ni aku nk tgok jadual kls..mne tau bley tukar class ker kan..best skit..hehehehe..then, aku nk tepon umah jap..bye2..tata..titi..tutu...

Sunday, January 11

esok class dh start....

waaa!!!!takut giler..sok class dh start..mls pun de..sume ler bercmpur aduk..dh ah kls aku start kul 7.30...awal giler..tp x per, try dlu..klu x leh, kite tukar...hurm..nak bwk per ek g kls sok..x tau la plak nk bwk per..hurm...nak bgun kul bpe ek esok...dlm dilema neyh..ye ah..slalu bgun kul 12..skang neyh, kul 7.30 dh kne terpacak kt campus...haish..idup mmg mencabar...tp itu bru best..muahahahahaah(best ler sgt...)...x per...sok bgun awal skit..then, msti smpat nek trolley..harap2 trolley de..tolong lah ade...x kan nk jalan kaki kot...dasat tuh..x dpt dibayangkn penderitaan...huhuhuuhuhu...okeyhlah..gud luck to me!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 9

bgun awal...

arini aku bgun awal..then x tau nk buat per..bkn aper, aku kne ah practise bgun awal coz nti de kls kul 7.30...sengsaranye idopp..huhuhuhu...aku mcm terpikir, cmne nk bgun...pagi2 buta2,gelap lak tuh...lps tuh, kne g kls lak..tido dlm kls lar nmpknye aku..rse mcm ari ni nk kemas bilik,tp...mcm mls..ermmmm..nk kemas ke x ek...nti ah..ari ni aku keje lak tuh..mlsnye.harap2 leh blik awal sb farah buat makan2..dh bosan sgt kot farahneyh dok umah..hahahaha!!!!klu lmbt sgt aku balik, x smpat ler aku nk g mkn kt umah die..x per, x de rezki lar tu*ayat pasrah jer*....ermm..nak buat per ni ek...lalalalalalala*dh mula bosan*........haaaa...aku kan keje ari neyh..lupe lak nk g awal skit sb nk amik credit card and bli buku tulis ntuk kls...lupe lak..tp lambat lagi...skang bru kul 10.17 am...waaaaa!!!!nak buat per neyh...perlukah aku tido...x leh2...nti gemukkan bdn lagi...nk buat per neyh....haish...problem2...huhuhuhuhu....

Thursday, January 8

bang bang boom....

td aku bru jer tgok citer bang bang boom kt youtube..ya Allah, lawak giler cite die..tp yg aku rse pling lawak bile dorang bang bang boom kwn kpd nursyuhadah(si pengacara nona kot..x ingt lah...)..lwk giler..de ker along si pengutip utang nk main kawen2..hahahhaa!!!mmg menjadi ah..klu aku jd pompuan tu pun...dh pastinye kecut perut....de satu lg neyh pun lwk gak..die buat kt tmpat org bljr aikido..mmg patut tgok ah rncgn neyh..lawak2...sb per aku tgok rncgn2 neyh..aku pn x psti...hahahha..tibe2 mood nk tgok cite2 lwk dtg plak...dr gitu-gitu apek smpai ler ke bana bang boom neyh...best100x!!!

Wednesday, January 7


just now, aku bru abis tgok cite asoka...hurm..at last,dpt gak tgok smpai abes..tetibe dh abes tgok..fikiran merawang...ni sb tgok cite asoka lar neyh...aku terpikr..is it i'm a good or bad person???how many enemies i have??ni pengaruh cite asoka lar neyh...haish...and of course i got the answer for those questions...surely, im not a good person, i mean im not like the very so "alim" person but i'll try to be a better person..try to make everyone around me happy...and how about enemies??hurmmm...i dunno bout this but i'll avoid enemies..x best ah de musuh2 neyh..x tenang idup..so, if i've done wrong, forgive me..sbnrnye, pe bnde aku melalut neyh...haish..ketuk kepala skit..toink2...tp kn..sbnrnye aku rse dlm idup neyh,kite kne de satu masa yg kite dok diam,tutup mata, cbe pikir pe yg kite dh buat sepanjang idup kite neyh..x pyah lama2, 2 minutes pun jdi ah..aku rse aku bljr bnde neyh dr someone tp aku x ingt lak sape...bgus gak bnde neyh..membuat kite terpikir ttg diri sendiri sb selalunye kite lupe apa yg kite dh buat...de bnde baik dan x baik...dah2..aku dh mule melalut neyh...anyway, gud nite everyone~~

pe yg aku perlu buat adalah....

aku kne betulkan balik jadual wktu aku..i mean wktu tidur, bgun sume...skang neyh mmg extremely x btul..tido kul 4, bgun kul 12...haish...mslah2...mggu dpn, dh ler aku de kls kul 7.30 a.m..mampos aku nk bgun..terpikir gak..cmne aku nk bersiap...huuhuhu..x per2..blum cube blum tahu...ganbatee!!!!

Sunday, January 4

ice skating....

at last..dpt gak aku ngn romate aku skate kt dpn umah neyh..setelah 2 kali skate kt pitts,akhirnye...hahahaha!!!best gile skate kt sni...mmg trus bley skate ah..mesak pon dh bley skate dh pun...go mesak go!!!!hahahaha....tp 2 kali jugak ler mesak jatuh...x per...belajar dr kesilapan...ok lah...aku rse len kali aku nk skate lg ah..hehehhehe..best2..jom ramai2 g skate...

here comes the boring day!!!

arghhh!!!!hari keboringan sedunia sudah dtg....shit...dunno what to do..dh tgok gossip girl..then nk tgok movie, tp x tau nk tgok movie ape...haish...sugesstion please...

Saturday, January 3

angin malas dh dtg.....

arghhhhhh!!!!!ari ni malas gile nk g keje...dh lme cuti...haish...ngn bilik bersepah mls nk kemas...arghhh!!!angin malas ku dh dtg....

Friday, January 2


aku bru balik dt cleveland neyh...fuih...besh2..lebeyh2 lg nek tobaggo..mcm nk tercabut nyawa aku..kuikuikui....kitorang kt sne 4 days...siap g pitts lg ntuk smbut new year..tp y x besh nyer..bunge api pye ler rendah..penat jer kitorang nek atas bukit nk tgok bunga api..aleh2 ciput jer...haish..x per...asalkn nmpk sudeyh...and lupe nk wish..