Sunday, February 28


ok, i wake up this morning and guess what, badan rase sakit! my legs is okay but my upper body is kind of K.O. hahaha. we went to snowboarding yesterday ( thats explains the pain! ) and it was superbly fun. i loveeee snowboard. but to be ashamed, im really scared to go ski-ing. seriously! to choose btween snowboard and ski, i will definitely choose snowboard. i've tried ski,and i fell like "nangka busuk" ok (i've even experienced fly-like-a-superman kind of fall) and it hurts the most! so, say NO to SKI !

to be sorry, we forgot to take pics.yeah, we were tooo excited till we forgot to cam-whore. lol. tp kesian kat amal (not me, my junior :P), she loss her camera while snowboard :( and she's the only one who took the pics. so, no pics for this trip. maybe next time. sorry peeps :P

ok, im sooo in need to clean up my room (dah mcm kapal pecah dah). see ya ;)

*update:tetibe terjumpe pics ni kt album adilah ghapor. so, here's the pics*

in pain,
misz amalz

Wednesday, February 24

movie night

tonite i got a good, delicious, yummy dinner. lamb, with beans and mashed potatoes. and for those who are thinking bout how delicious it is, let me answer you guys, YUP, IT IS A GOOD MEAL INDEED A VERY DELIGHTFUL DINNER :) thanks to my roomies, rajen gile masak :)
then, together we watched PANDORUM. the review? is kind of scary for me but it is okay. i mean, there are some parts when we get scared but overall, it is okay (you know what i mean rite? ) it is better than watching a ghost-based movie. but still, i hate watching those type of genre. it makes me scared. huhu. yup, aku penakut :P *whateva*

so, get a good nite people. have a sweet dream :)


Tuesday, February 23

pics and album

tonight, my "scrapbook-ing" fever dtang lagi. actually, i have a lot of things need to be done, but im just to lazy to do it. i just feel that i need to do something else, so i ended up doing scrapbook. and the result ,fuih, my room is sooo messy right now, that i even more lazy to clean it up. hahaha :D

when the idea of this crazy scrapbook-ing come up? it actually started last summer when i have nothing to do, and im just soooo freaking bored watching tv all the time. so, i got an idea when i remembered that i hve a photo album/scrapbook ( fafa gives it to me since she doesn't know how to use it . thank u fafa! ) during that time, i was soooo bersemangat with the idea of making a scrapbook. omg, u wouldn't believe me, but i stayed up all nite till morning to finish my scrapbook! and yup, i kind of feel proud of myself. hehe, show off :P

so, right now, im working on my 2nd scrapbook and im nearly done with it. hopefully, i could buy a new scrapbook soon. i need more space for upcoming events and holidays.

till then,
misz amalz

Monday, February 22

♥ selamat hari jadi ♥

♥ happy birthday, anyah ♥
selamat hari jadi!
*hah, sekali dua wish trus. hehe :P *

may all ur wishes come true
and happy forever :)

i love u ♥

kak long

Saturday, February 20

gong xi !

went to chinese new year celebration. had soooooo much fun! enjoy the pics peeps :)

Wednesday, February 17


ah,tomorrow i got exam for art appreciation and believe me, it is toooooo much things to be remembered. omg, it's ridiculous. too many! just imagine, i need to remember 40-ish of artists, their signatures, their arts, and many more. it not even include the other info that i need to remember. omg, im so dead! ok,i better study rite now. wish me luck !

amal :P

Tuesday, February 16

another tuesday

truthfully, i have nothing to be told here. tp entah la, rase mcm nk gedik tulis. thats soooo me. hehe :P ok, seriously i have no idea. hve been staring the laptop for 2 minutes and nothing come up..blank.. +_+ ok, looking around at my room, omg, soooo bersepah2. im thinking of cleaning my room but aaahhh, naah. maybe i shud sleep. yup, a good idea. katil pun dah memanggil. hehe. terpaksa la kan. maybe i shud write later when i hve story to tell. adios ~

update: omg, i feel so irritated with someone. aah! suka sgt nk bangga ape psl haaaaaaa? ok, im being too emosional rite now. ah, whateva!


Monday, February 15

no title

this gonna be a busy week for me
had soooo much thing to do
i got another exam this thursday
then assignments due
what do i expected rite?
im a student laaaa
need to study
ouh, btw, nearly forgot


lina ♥

Sunday, February 14

Saturday, February 13

dear diary

so, lets review the movie for dear john. i dont know what u guys thinking bout this movie but seriously, i do think it is bad movie :( sorry guys, i really hate it! the only thing/ part that i like bout the movie is channing tatum. oh my, i can't deny it, he is freaking handsome! and yes, sume perempuan akan "cair" la kan. ok, stop right there, im not going to write bout how handsome he is. blurgh~ so, from my opinion, i do think a great movie shud leave you with a great feeling after u watched it, not frustration. bukan tu jer, movie yg bagus tak sepatutnye tinggalkan perasaan "eh, dah abes ke cite neh? ", and dear john does leave me with that kind of feeling. so, if u guys doesnt like love-story-type of movie and this is ur first time watch this type of genre, dont watch it, u gonna regret it. there's plenty of great love-story movie out there, but dear john definitely not one of them. hmm, maybe i shud forgive the director because he did a great job in choosing channing tatum as the 'hero'. lol

btw, happy valentine people ♥


shopping day

as people know, woman loveeeeeeesssss to shop. shop till drop la katakan. haha. so, butir cerita hari ini ttg shopping. yup, me and roommates (except miza, she needs to work la.huhu) gi shopping kt outlet indy.we need to buy things for sedara-mara kt malaysia (oo yeah,im going back and cant wait for summer to come!), and since we have nothing important to do, so ape lagi, shopping laaaaa. oh yeah, it is kind of therapy for us after hectic week :)

eventho it is so called shopping, the other main reasons to go outlet is the delicious, mouth- watering caramel apple. yer, ianya sudah lama memanggil-manggil kami sejak dlu lagi. u guys shud try it once and i bet u gonna love it. 100 percent sure!

and if u guys pergi indy and u are one of seafood lover, u shud go to "the journey" restaurant. omg, awesome gileeeeeee. a lottttt of seafood, sushi, dessert (ade chocolate fondue lagi :p ). its only cost u 20 bucks and it's buffet (eat till drop ok!). since kitorang dh lame gile kempunan nk mkn ketam, macam org gile la kitorang mkn ketam. hahaha. the pics tell everything. enjoy :)

- ignore the crazy-ness -

i think im enjoying every second of my life after the "disaster" week ♥

misz amalz

Wednesday, February 10

one more to go

literally i nearly died from this "disaster". i just could not believe that i survived, surprisingly until this moment. hoo yeahh *tak yah bangga yer cik amalina!* huh, im so ready to be done with exams and classes. letih gileeeeeeee! sangat gile! hah, sarcastic gile bunyi ayat aku ni. hurm,baru perasan, another negative post. lately, my writing kt blog ni asyik bnde2 negative jer, i shud change it. uh, later after exam la. hahaha :D

anddddddd this is the best part, tomorrow is the last exam for this week and im done with classes. oyeyeyeyeyeyeye :) :) :) im so need to go merongeng- ronggeng melepaskan tension!


Tuesday, February 9

not a happy post

as the title said, this is not a happy post. again, NOT A HAPPY post. so, if u dont like my negative-ness, click the x button on the rightest corner of ur screen. ok, so lets get started. this week (it's only tuesday, not even friday yet), everything is going crazy and i do feel tired. seriously, i never felt this tired. huh :( i got back-to-back-exams and i cant wait to finish all of them. im gonna sleep like sleeping beauty.

ouh btw, do u guys know that there is actually a disease called sleeping beauty syndrome? the person can sleep for weeks and do nothing, i mean she (eventually, the patient is a teenage girl, i got this news from yahoo. haha) wakes up for only a maximum of 2 hours. basically she just eat, taking bath and then sleep again. kesian kan? mcm x de life jer. huhu

ok,sbnrnye ade byk bnde aku nk tulis tp mata dh tutup separuh. ngantok! so, good nite loves :)

Sunday, February 7

birthday party

bile ingt2 balik, dah lame x berkumpul dgn sume org
ye la kan, winter2 ni sume org mls nk keluar
so bday party is one of the best time u can gather people
we can eat, laugh and talk for hours
and everytime, it was a good time to be remembered by us
and here, at purdue, it's kind of tradition to celebrate people's birthday
and i like "this tradition"

ouh, actually my reason for today's post is to wish fana's
may ALLAH bless you and happily ever after :)

ps: gambar atas ehsan hanan *pdhal x kasi tau pun amek :P *

Saturday, February 6

official day

ok people, today is the official day that i will turn into a NERD. fully NERD. since i need to study all the time. 24/7 till thursday after my last exam. after the "dead days", im gonna sleep like a bear. naah, im gonna enjoy every bit of time that i have. sarcastic sungguh aku ni ! hahaha :D so, im gonna have 3 exams next week and hopefully im still alive! good luck for those who had exams too and enjoy ur life to the fullest. HA HA HA HA!


Friday, February 5

♥ snow ♥

hoo yeah, it's snowing and i kinda of like it :)
maybe sebab dh lame kot snow x trun
and kitorang dpt buat snow angel
BEST ! ! !
and for sure we had snow fight
it a must everytime snow turun ok!
and yeah, we had soo much fun :)
aku ni smpai termkn ice bile fafa baling ice kt muka
hahaha :D

ouh, btw, thanks JPA ! !
at last dpt jugak scholar
time kaseh byk2 :)

Wednesday, February 3

nerdy me :P

semalam, i tried to organize my calender after the incident tak-tau-exam-sendiri tuh. so, after usha-usha(dh lame x gne ayat usha ni)at few dates, i managed to come into a conclusion. next week im gonna totally DEAD. i got 3 exams,ouh, in a week actually! one on tuesday, one on wednesday, and last exam for the "dead week" on thursday. thank god i dont have class on friday! plus, i got two homeworks due on tuesday and wednesday. too much things going on in my life rite now. im totally freaking out. biasa la kan, since i never taken 18 credits hour before, so this is the most horrible things. usually, i only have one exam per week. hah, hambek ko sekali 3 exams! so, pengajaran di sini, aku tak akan, diulang semula, AKU TAK AKAN amek 18 credits hour next sem. NOKTAH!

ps: i want to be nerd please! ouh, lupe, i am one of them. hahaha *nak pkai spek mata la lps ni. lol*

*update: not being feminist or whateva, but im just sick with this kind of seriously ?? *


Tuesday, February 2

i'm soooo dead

im sooooo dead
i just know that i have exam on this thursday
luckily i went to my class
i wonder what gonna happened if i dont come to the class today
hmmm..lets see what gonna happened on "that day"
ouh,im might crying all day, ketuk2 my head
and blaming myself for being such a fool
yeaaaaayyyyy !!!
whateva la kan

huh. im sooo tired. seriously
taking 18 credits kind of hard
i must be patience!
patience is the KEY of SUCCESS kannnn!
so, amalina
please update ur calendar with all exams
and start working!

lets be rajin together,

Monday, February 1

blurgh -_-

nothing interesting going in my life today
let me think first
hmmmmm . . .
yup, nothing!
ah, i just noticed that my life is boring
im soooo in need of something new
i need to do something else instead of hws
ha ha ha!
im a student
of course i need to do hws
stop being lazy
and be productive ! !

si pemalas