Wednesday, December 23

night before my sweet escape :)

so, today pye activity adalah karaoke again (berangan nk jadi penyanyi la katakan. lol ) and then, bww for supper ( dinner or wateva u called it). i woke up at 3-ish. padahal tido awal jer mlm tuh tp x terasa nk bangun awal plak kan. janet called me around 10 in the morning tp x sedar pun. then, she called me again dan aku pun bgun la tido. aku promise yg aku akan jumpa die sblm gi florida. so, she gave me a present for christmas (eventho aku x smbut pun kan). pairs of cute socks. it really cute (seriously!). of course, i love it :) thank you janet!

im done with packing2 my stuffs sume and seriously, im thinking of taking the whole wardrobe+ clothes and it will be much nicer if i can bring my room and bed. but of course la tak bole kan. bukan bwk lori pun. haha. hopefully, we will have a nice trip and selamat sampai dgn berjayanya. ameen~~

to everyone, have a good break + have a safe journey! to warga purdue yg stay, selamat bercuti di purdue. have fun too! sape ckp purdue x best, best sbnrnye. if u try to make it fun lar. ok. enough with ke"merepek"an yg melanda diri akibat mengantuk tp susah nk tido. astalavista!

love ♥
misz amalz

Monday, December 21

korean drama + tido + bowling

alkisahnye, kesan tgok cite korea (im sorry i love u) smpai pagi, aku x dpt nk bgun awal ntuk lunch dgn suran and keunil (mesak's friends). mesak ngn fafa jer pegi. kena tinggal, pdan muka aku. hahaha! aku ni sumpah tido dasat gile, kalau mengantuk, aku rela x makan. dr dlu lagi dan ianya membuktikan yg aku ni mmg kaki tidur-thp-dewa. haha. after diorang balik, baru la aku bangun. hoho. kemudian menguruskan urusan yg perlu diuruskan seperti hantar buku chegg dan MAKAN TGHARI (baru teringat nk makan yer) and mlmnye kitorang plan nk men bowling since murah kan. dah lame x men neyh. best! ni baru jer balik. and of course, aku kalah yer. haha. ape2 je la
so esok kite tgok plan ape plak. tungguuuuuuuuuuu !!

ps: still in love with michael buble. yet i dont know a lot about his songs but i do know some of it and im loving it. im enjoying it ♥

save the last dance for me,
misz amalz ♥

after exam madness

since dh abes exam ni kan, sume bnde kitorang nk buat. senang cite sume bnde x berfaedah la. haha.

smlm bday mira. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRA :) sblm tu karaoke dlu. hehe. after celebrate, karaoke lagi. inilah digelar karaoke madness. muahahaha

ari ni zara's birthday party.woke up at 12-ish pm. siap2, cari hadiah for zara, then trus gi birthday party tu. actually, the real birthday bukan ari ni but on 26th (if im not mistaken).tp nk wish awal2, HAPPY FUTURE BIRTHDAY ZARA!!! it was fun. she got a lot of presents from the purdue uncles,aunties and kakaks awesome(amal, fafa and mesak ;p) hahaha.kidding. after party karaoke lagi (we just love singing ;p). then, dennys for dinner. dan snow fight. to fafa: ade ubi ada batas, ade hari aku balas. hahaha :D

lets wait for tomorrow pye plan!

ps:in love with michael buble's songs♥

Saturday, December 19

party starts rite now ♥

hoo yeahh!!!
shud i scream out loud?
yup, i shud.
hehe ;p
ok,im exaggerating rite now.
final 3 paper jer, nak lebeyh2 plak. haha.
officially my fall semester habis
and im welcoming winter break :)
boleh tak nak holidays lame2? baru best !
so, kwn2 mari kite membuang mase yg berfaedah ni bersama2

nota kaki: ignore my crazi-ness coz i dont get enough sleep. jom ber party dlm mimpi. mari kawan2 :P

Friday, December 18

philosophy for today :(

"always act to treat humanity as an end and never a mere means.."

ok, ari ni my second paper, phil 111.
hopefully, aku bole jwb ngn baik.
but im sleepy
shud i sleep?
i shud study!

*update: hopefully i get at least C+. pleassseeeeee. the exam was so hard. aku dh pasrah jer ok! eee geramnye. ok2, i need to relax. cool2. i need to study for next paper tomorrow. wish me luck *

Thursday, December 17

lets crawl

ok. esok baru my second paper while other people already finished their paper and sudah menari-sambil-meronggeng. yes, poor me.sigh~ nak buat mcm mane kan, pihak purdue university suka membuat exam pada hari sabtu and im the one yg menjadi mangsa. waaahhh, sarcastic sungguh bunyi nye. hoho ;D ok, what i am doing neyh?i shud study for my philosophy paper.haish~ hopefully i get a good grade for this class. and im sooooo curious bout my grade for my 7-ish-long-final-paper. whateva it is, i need to study for tomorrow la. malas nye ( bile masa plak aku x mls yer ;p) till then, astalavista.

to naze, balik msia tu elok2. have fun *jealous* jgn meronggeng byk sgt. dok umah, gi masak. hahahahahahahaha

utilitarian ;p
miss amalina

Wednesday, December 16


sudah2 dgn membuang masa
i need to study
my next exams will be on friday and saturday
lets pray together
hopefully i can go through this successfully

*update: my friend, nazira is going back to malaysia tomorrow. im soooooo jealous. nak balik malaysia. rindu kat family and of course the foods.i think im truly malaysian lar coz aku teringin gile-thp-gaban nk mkn durian, abc and bla, bla, bla...( i need to stop right now ok!)*

Monday, December 14

hooo yeaaahhh ntuk sekejap

saya mahu hoo yeaaaah ntuk sekejap bole?
sudah tidak larat yer belajar
akhirnye, abes gak paper stats aku
jgn tye susah atau senang
jawapannye hanya satu
mahu tahu kenape?
kerana saya tak study betul2
bijak amalina!
tp tidak perlu sedih kerana dah terjadi pun
ok, saya sudah gila!

next paper: philosophy
tengoklah nti mcm mane aku ber"philosophy" kat kertas peksa tu nti
seperti mahu membuat sesuatu yg "berfaedah"

Friday, December 11


ulser dlm mulut ni membuatkan aku susah nk
x leh nk bukak mulut besa2 pun.
huhu :(
ari ni, mkn bubur nasi je.......
nak makannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :(

ps: nak balik umah, mls nk amek exams. takut :(

Thursday, December 10

mula la merepek

rite now, specifically, ive been reading journals for my ethics paper( 7 pages long) which due tomorrow.need to add some points here and there. huh. dont like it but i need to :( i need to get a good grade for this subject. hopefully i will :)

lately, it's been really collllllddddddddd. i hate it coz i need to walk to class.and it feels like miles away from my house. it would be so nice if im a super rich kid that have a driver. so, there is no need to walk to class. haha. lazy me. actually grateful that im not, if i am, i will be superbly- gemok because all my lemakz tak digunakan pon. haha. ckp pasal lemakz-lemakz di badan ini, i need to lose some weights. seriously. i need to lose at least 3 kg. it does not mean i want to be as skinny as the supermodels okay( mereka itu super duper skinny okay ;p). cuma nk berat bdn yg proportionate with my height. so, people might be curious, berapa berat bdn aku ni kan? hahaha. the answer is berat badan itu rahsia perempuan. you will never know unless you are my close friends. sorry ;p hahaha

yesterday, kitorang ade performance zapin for holidays around world. it was okay lar. bak kata guru-tarian-merangkap-boss zapin, apaninah, kite kasi yg paling cheap pye performance.and mmg simple gile performance kitorang.but we enjoyed every bit of it :) we went to hicks library(tak study sgt pun..). cool, i like it. final is coming. need to revise everything. my first paper will be on monday. stats.argh!! did i tell u that i hate stats? i just hate it. no reason at all.

at hicks library
ps: fafa nak sgt cincin yg aku pkai ni smpai she claimed that i actually wanted to give this ring to her. haha :D

* update: mulut aku sakit giler. ade ulser rase nye.aaarrghhhh!! demmit, i hate it :( *

student philosophy,
cik amalz

Tuesday, December 8


hi all,

esok me and friends( penari zapin sekalian) akan perform kat purdue, south ballroom. so, jemput la dtg. it is for holidays around the world kottttt..if im not mistaken laa. so, 4.30 pm ok!

final is around the corner which means i need to start study soon. waktu ni la penyakit mls aku nk dtg kan. hopefully, our plan to go to library menjadi. seriously, i cant study at my room. katil tu mcm memanggil2. haish~~

good luck yer for finals,
si pemalas ;p

Monday, December 7


it's snowing. cantek :)
tp x smpt nk amek pic since bangun pon dh lmbat.
bergegas pegi class,
tgok2 class cancel :(
nevermind laahh
alang2 dh kt campus, bole print ape yg patut kan
plus,i need to finish my paper for philosophy
huhu :(
today is the first day of dead week
which basically means im dead( i need to figure out why the called it dead week )
hahaha :D
good luck guys
have fun study :)
it's snowing,
missy :)

Sunday, December 6

lovely weekend :)

lovely weekend. that is how my weekend was :)

friday, went to keunil's presentation at his house. he talked about breakfast ( i think ;p). and of course, the foods was sooooo delicious. thank you suran :) then,balik umah, main guitar hero dgn fafa after amal and the geng balik. teringin plak nk men aftr tgok diorang men. skills kitorang hampeh. selama ni mmg hampeh pun skill kitorang. hahaha!!!

saturday, me, nazira and saini went to mall.fafa keje, so x leh ikut skali. im searching for jeans since my jeans sume dh terkoyak. i seriously dont know the reasons of it. isnt jeans supposedly to be the most-long-lasting-pants-in-the-world? so, i went to aerospostale. got a good bargain, so i get a new jeans. love it :)
then, we went for ice skating. all four of us. miza was a first-timer, so we helped her. yup, she's improving though. next time, kite pergi lagi ok :). and yes, i fell for the first time (i think) there. omg, sakit gile ok! plus, malu lagi kan. diorang smpat captured my 'moment'. hahaha!!! jom skating again after exams :)

sunday which is today, rumah paan and friends buat makan2 sblm dead week. thumbs up for nasi lemak and rendang :) makan 2 pinggan lagi. haha ;D eventually, i slept for two hours after that. penangan makan byk sgt td. amek ko. hahaha !!
so, sekarang kene siapkan my hws. my last essay for english 106i. hoo yeahhh!!! tp ade lagi 7 pages-essay ntuk my philosphy class menunggu. fuih~~

jatuh. hehehe ;p

ice skating :)

makan- makan before dead week :)

ps: perlu exercise ok before aku jadi belon. and perlu jugak study waktu dead week ni. takut nk final. huhu :(
good luck guys :)

hidup bukan untuk makan,
misz amalz :)

Saturday, December 5


i've been wanting to read eclipse for so long and at last, dh dpt beli eclipse. but then, finals coming, final paper perlu disiapkan. sigh~ maybe bace waktu bedtime je la. huhu. amal ckp eclipse x best, merapu. tp aku nk bace jugak. hehe ;p

yesterday, me, maisa and hanan planning for our trip to florida.omg, we're sooo over excited! cant wait for finals. yeay!! hopefully everything will be ok. insyaAllah :)

ive been laying at bed resisting myself from sleep. such a sleepyhead!! +_+

good morning,
misz amalz :)

Wednesday, December 2

kerana coffee

td aku tertumpahkan coffee.
cuba teka kat mane?
haaaa..kt dlm beg.
and cuba teka lagi apa kat dlm beg tu?
haaaaa...ade 3 files, buku dan sume kertas exams aku
and cuba teka lagi beg tu aku letak kat mane?
haaaa..aku letak atas katil.
bijak amalina!!!
sekarang ni, sume brg aku bau coffee.
tidak dilupakan katil dan sume alat tulis aku juga berbau coffee.
len kali tutup lar tudung botol tuuuuuu!!!!!

ps;mungkinkah ini petanda yg aku perlu beli beg baru? ataupun comforter baru? hmmmmm....

si cuai,

Tuesday, December 1

my mission rite now

- nak jadi rajin lah. eventho nk abes em kan, tp final kan ade lagi. but my first attempt to be rajin failed. keep trying. maybe i shud be friend with nerds perhaps (kind of like the idea ). should i become nerd? shit, cant imagine myself jadi nerd. omg. hilarious.
- need to kuruskan badan ok. last tuesday, webcam with my family. makcik2 pun ade. sume ckp aku gemok.omg, risau gile. plus, org kate nti kalau balek msia, bdn jadi lagi gemok. it's not that aku nk jadi kurus kerempeng mcm model tp still, x leh ah gemuk sgt kan. aku perasan bile aku gain weight, aku susah nk tido mlm tp suka sgt tido. plus, cpt sgt letih. not good for no!! need to go to gym.

cukup mission setakat ni. nti tmbh lagi ok.ohh, lupe plak, ari tuh aku bace blog X ( x de kena mengena antara laki atau pompuan), sadis gile entry die. nk nanges pun aku ada. kesian plak bile aku bace entry tu. nak buat mcm mne, dh takdir kot (apa aku merepek neyh?). whatever the reason is, all the best for si X.

till then,

Monday, November 30

movie nite

yup.tonite is my movie nite :) still in holiday malas lar nk study. finals makin dekat dah. hopefully, i can start study lar skang but u noe me rite. last minute baru nk terkejar2. huhu :(

td aku ngn fafa gi tgok wyg. besssttttt woooo. title: the blind side. based on true story and yes, it makes me cry. sedeyh ok! movie ni membuatkan aku terpikir, kan bagus kalau sume org mcm Leigh Anne( sandra bullock). if there are, dunia ni x kan ade anak2 terbiar. plus, movie ni tunjukkan hati wanita ni lembut yer :) (ada sifat kewanitaan di anyway, thumbs up !

dh abes tgok movie, teringt plak ade org kasi tau cerita papadom dh kuar u-tube. so, another movies for tonite! PAPADOM. another movies from afdlin shauki. starring afdlin himself with liyana jasmay. a funny movie though.tergelak beruk jugak aku kdg2. tp ade gak scene yg berair2 mata aku ni (nmenye menangis yer) bile scene menyayat hati bapak dan anak. overall, i like it :)

so.pengajaran disini, tgoklah movie byk2. silalah buang masa anda sekalian dgn menonton movie kerana selain bermanfaat, movie juga memberi pengajaran (kononnyeeee).

till then,

kaki movie,
anak pak cik awis :)

Saturday, November 28

thanksgiving break back from my holidayyy. overall, it was a superbly nice trip :) mari aku singkatkan cerita aku ni kepada 2 main destinations kami, wisconsin and minnesota *sleepy*

overall, wisconsin mmg best. thank you izzati and aida and sape2 yg sanggup ponteng kls sb kitorang dtg.thank you sooo much :) kat sane, kitorang gi jalan2 sekitar campus diorang. besaaa gile ok!! lps tu baru lar aku terasa, kecik nyer purdue ni. hoho :P pling best skali kt wisconsin neh adalah sume org dpt surat cinta dr pakcik polisi. hahaha :D

i loveeeeee minnesota ok! cantek tmpt diorang. and one more thing,suka gile dpt gi mall of america. rasa mcm gi mall kt!!selalu nyer kt us ni, mall nyer abes bosan jer. kedai pun x de lar byk mane. tp mall of america mmg best! menyebabkan kitorang excited nk gi jalan2 dlm tu. haha :D but it was black friday. hectic! pening gile kepala tgok ramai sgt org. and before kitorang gi mall, kitorang gi outlet. omg, it was ridiculous. org berbaris panjang-nak-mampus ntuk masuk dlm kedai especially coach. then, bile smpai turn nk masuk, menjerit2 kegembiraan. lucky me, im not a coach-person. hahaha :D at last, aku beli crocs jer kt outlet. x tau nk beli ape. nk beli jeans tp malas giler nk berbaris. so, lupa kan je lar..

actually, kitorang planning ntuk gi snowboarding. tp x de snow pun yg turun. huhu. so, jalan2 sajer lar.but, it was a good trip. nope, a very good trip. thank you guys :)

ps: aku tulis blog ni smlm sbnrnye. tp tertido waktu tgh tulis blog.haha:D

minah tido,
misz amalz :)

Monday, November 23

off for holidayyyyy

after two days working superbly hard for my thesis paper, now im off for holiday. thanksgiving holiday. ahhh, dh lama gile x cuti.huhu :( so, where i am going? wisconsin,then minnesota. never been there. so, kind of excited :D plus, nanti nk men snowboarding. perasaan takut tu x de lagi tp terfikir juga, how im gonna 'do' it? x penah snowboarding before. so, tgok la mcm mana. hopefully, im back in one piece. hopefully.

but right now i feel bad.sadddd :( im supposedly having thanksgiving dinner with janet. instead, im going to minne plak kan. haish~~ im such a bad person :( im sorry janet, but i still love u though. always :) maybe next time [ hopefully my suprise for janet menjadi. i really hope she like it. nak tau ape suprisenya? later baru story okayyyy. klu tak, tak suprise lar kan ;p ]

okay, im supposedly sleep rite now. its 2.37 am in the morning okaayyy. nite guys and have a sweet dream :)

till then,
lina :)
ps: i love when janet called me lina. rasa mcm girlish2 sikit. auuwwww.

Friday, November 20

im sad

im sadddddddddddddd..feels like crying again.aaaaa, aint feel good about this. this is all my fault. demmit. stupid amalina!!

i love u janet, i really do. u like my mom. my american mom. i love u

Thursday, November 19

saya syg encik awis :)

today is my ayah's birthday. happy birthday. it shud be tomorrow lar kan which is nov 20th, tapi u.s ni lambat sehari. so,i need to wish early. Happy birthday, ayah. u know i love u rite :)

so, who is encik awis othman di hati saya? haaaa..he's my love, my cinta hati and ayah pling baik, best kat dunia.(i mean it ok!) ayah saya ini sgtlah penyayang dan baik hati. untuk pengetahuan kalian, tidak lah pernah beliau memukul kami adik beradik, cubit pun x penah, tinggi kan suara pun x penah. mungkin kerana beliau tidak percaya pada pukulan sbgai cara mendidik anak. dan kerana itulah, saya ini sungguh takut bile ade mak bapak yg pukul anak die gne kayu atau tali pinggang (serammm...) jadi, hasil didikannya, inilah kami adik beradik. sebab itu saya katakan td, ayah saya paling bessssstttttt kat dunia. mungkin ada yg tak setuju since dia nk ckp ayah dia pling best. tp ditegaskan disini, bagi saya, encik awis othman adalah ayah paling best kt alam semesta!! ( kalau sape x puas hati, meh ah gaduh kalau berani..hahaha :D )

baiklah, kesimpulan disini, SELAMAT HARI JADI AYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

note; pakcik ngn makcik kat belakang tu pun nk jugak interframe :P

Wednesday, November 18

kerana pensil

kenapa aku ckp yg aku ni pemalu? kerana hari ini adalah hari pemalu aku ;p okeh, aku tipu. hahaha :D

pgi td aku bgun ntuk gi kls. pagi ni ade class philosophy. so, masukkan buku teks yg berat dlm beg sume.sblm nk gi mandi, dh ingtkan diri sndiri, "nti kene amek pensil bag kat dlm beg smlm". perlu diingtkan, saya suka sgt tukar2 beg pegi class.jgn ditanya kenapa, jawapannya adalah satu. SAJA NAK MENGGEDIK.noktah. berbalik kepada cerita td, aku pun gi mandi, siap2 pkai baju sume.okeh, breakfast kejap.tgok jam."oh, dh kul 9 suku". keluar rumah gi class. dh sampai class, eh tiba2 mahu terkucil pulak. on the way nk gi ke restroom, terserempak ngn lecturer. dlm hati ckp, "eh, kene cpt ni, nti lecturer dh start class.".setelah abes membuang hajat itu, pulanglah aku ni ke kelas.dh smpai kat tmpt duduk, aku pun keluarkan lar segala keperluan untuk amek notes aku. notebook, text book. tibe2,"eh, lupe plak nk keluarkan pen". aku pun seluk2 lar bag aku tuh. seluk pye seluk,"ish, mana lar plak pencil bag aku ni". tiba2, teringt. "demmnnnnn, tertinggal kat umah". so, mcm mne nk tulis yer. aku pye pkir lar mcm mne. tp still x dpt solution lagi. nk mntk kat org sebelah, segan. pemalu lar katakan. lagi2 org sebelah tuh laki (walaupun die tak handsome, still aku pemalu ok!). sah2 ler aku x mintak pun. die plak macm khusyuk sgt jer dgr lecturer ckp. plus, kalau aku mntk, tiba2 die x plak pencil lebeyh mcm maneeee? lagi, aku pun biarkan lar diri aku ni x mencatat notes. tiba2 attendance paper dtg lar kt aku (kls ni tiap2 ari amek attendance). "alamak, mcm mana nk tulis nama. tak de pencil." dgn beraninye (berani lar sgt..), aku pun mntak kt mamat sebelah aku, "can i borow ur pencil? i dont bring any.hehe :P" nasib baik lar mamat tu kasi. dpt lar aku tulis nama. sampai habis class, aku x tulis apa2 pun, aku tulis 3 patah perkataan jer, AMALINA AWIS OTHMAN. bagussss..pengajarannya, bawaklah pensil pegi class. kalau tak bwak pun, pinjam jer lar kat org sebelah. kalau pemalu, diam jer lps tuh, tulis kisah sendiri yg memalukan kt dlm blog. itu saja cerita hari ini. sekian :)

mungkin ade yg tak percaya yang aku ni PEMALU, tp percayalah aku ni mmg pemalu ;p

si pemalu,
anak pakcik awis ;p

Tuesday, November 17

x tau nk rase ape

tghari td kene marah ngn lecturer bowling. i dont know lar if im the only one yg cpt terasakan. but still, die ckp dpn aku,terang2 lar nk marah aku. nk emo plak kan. haish~~ nasib bek aku x nanges jer. kalau ikut ati, mmg aku dh nanges dah. air mata dh bergenang. tp mls nk buat drama jer. huhu :( anyway, lupakan saje.

saya benci skype. td call umah, tersekat then x semena-mena off trus.demmit lar. 2 3 times jadi plak tuh. btw, parcel kt umh dh smpai. my sis tried her clothes. i like it. again, happy belated birthday. oh, ayahnye on 20th. coming soon.

and anyah, good luck yer.i'll pray for u ok. teringt time spm, my family came to visit me every weekend. ouh, rindu waktu itu. bole tak nak suh parents dtg sini every weekend???? (kalau bole, dh lame suruh)

dan hari ini baru aku sedar, aku suka gileeeee tulis blog. i mean it ok!! tiap2 ari, im waiting for free time ntuk blogging which include skali tgok blog org len. sbnrnye nk jer tulis ttg sume bnde, tp it will not be enough. limited space and i dont know how to put things into words sgt. pakai belasah aje. asal tulis sudah. so, i got a new list ntuk cita2..maybe a blogger? kahkahkah..tidak lar kan....sbnrnye nk cite bnde len kt entry kali ini. nk cite psl movie. tp lain kali je lar. dh ngantuk. nk tido. gudnite and have a sweet dream :)

yg sgt bersemngat nk tulis blog,
missy :)

Monday, November 16

cita- cita saya adalah.....

tibe2 aku rase teringin nk ckp psl cita- cita aku. omg,aku sungguh kerdil yer waktu sekolah dahulu. betul2 kecik dan pendek.skang pun same jer. bezanye dh gemuk. hahaha :DD okkkaaaayyyy, berbalik pada tajuk kite, ape cita2 aku waktu aku kecik, teenager smpai skang,university's student.

aku dpt merasakn waktu aku kecik aku ni mmg comel and cute. okey, statement ni x bley sume baby kan cute, so anda semua x bley nak nafikan statement aku *alasan* digress betul aku ni, kembali pada topic. aku rase waktu kecik dlu, aku bercita-cita untuk jadi anak yg cute, yg baik untuk ibu dan ayah aku.

sekolah rendah
waktu neh, aku dh x cute dah. dah jadi si comot.hahaha!!! tp waktu ni pling best sb x fikir apa2 pun psl dunia luar. tau2, gi sekolah, jumpe kwan2, balik umah, main lagi, lps tu terus tido (note:dr kecik lagi, aku mmg pemalas). waktu ni pengaruh cikgu2 dan kawan2 sungguh lar tinggi. diantara list2 cita2 aku adalah cikgu (ni sume org sure ade pye), lawyer, bomba, doktor, ustazah (aku nk tergelak bila teringt yg ini) dan pramugari yer. eventho aku x tau ape itu lawyer, tp aku dgr mcm best, trus jer aku pilih nk jadi cita2 aku. mmg pemikiran bdk kecik. psl pramugari tuh, aku suka gi jalan2, so kalau jadi pramugari dpt gi jalan jauh. plus, pramugari kan tinggi dan cuuunnnn. terpaksa lar aku lupakan cita2 aku ni sb aku tidak lar tinggi yer. hahahaha :D

sekolah menengah
waktu ni dh matured sikit. tp still, xde lar matured sgt kan. waktu ni aku nk jadi accountant dan gabenor bank negara. habis tinggi jer cita2 aku kan. waktu ni aku percaya, baik kita aim yg tinggi2, think positive. bile ade jer org tye aku nk jadi apa, dgn bangga dan senangnya aku ckp, "Gabenor Bank Negara mcm zeti". padahal punya susah lar nk jadi gabenor. tp aku dpt conclusion di sini yg cita2 aku mgkin dipengaruhi oleh ayah aku since ayah aku bank officer. so, aku lebeyh kepada account dan economy. sbnrnye aku mmg buta science, sb tu x amek aliran science. hahaha :D

seriously, dr intec smpai ler ke bumi united states ni, aku x tau dah cita2 aku ape. aku x tau nk jadi ape plak. makin kita belajar, makin x tau ape cita2 kita (padahal aku baru jer amek degree kot, x smpai pun phD lagi). aku rase kan, kalau org tye lar apa cita2 aku, aku mcm nk amek jer list2 waktu aku sekolah rendah tu. mungkin ustazah, mungkin ahli bomba, mungkin pramugari. ape2 pun, aku rase aku nk jadi manusia yg bernama Amalina jer lar. aku suka menjadi diri aku. noktah.

note for readers: aku dgr ade meteor shower ari ni. maksud aku pagi ni. gi lar tgok yer :) kepada kipas-susah- matiku [u knows who u are ;p], terima kaseh kerana membaca entry saya yg sungguh bengong ini. *love*

note for myself: rajin2 lar kan diri tu yer. ade two papers menanti ntuk disiapkan :(

Sunday, November 15

hari ini hari ahad

pagi td dh bersemangat nk gi men soccer, tgok2 x jadi. sedey :( len kali kite men okey!! bangun awal tp x buat pape.haha :D that's soooo me ;p then ade practice for zapin. someone from union invites us to perform for holiday around u.s. so,we gonna do zapin lar kan. ade tarian lain ker yg aku tau. mcm x de jer.hoho :D and lupe plak, i heard malaysian team for soccer menang. lawan iran. congratzzz!!!

baru jer sekejap td, aku + alot + sheeren bersembang psl idup2 masing2 yer(tipu!!!) kitorang sbnrnye ckp psl cuti thansgiving. alot and kay nk gi michigan state. and im going to minnesota. so, kitorang ni tgh bincang2 lar psl ape tentatif di michigan state nti. walaupun aku x gi michigan state, still aku nk menyibuk jugak. hahaha :D and i had fun. tp kay x msuk conference skali :( she have exams lar, final lagi tuh. len kali kite conference okay!! and good luck for exams :) and thank you for calling me, cik alodah and cik sheereen. *hugs*

things to do: siapkan hws yer cik amalina.

yang pemalas,
cik amalina :)

Saturday, November 14


- the cheerleaders -

- the boilermakers -

- all american marching band -

- boilermaker: me :) -

- us :) -

okaaaaayyyy..ari ni (x tau im supposedly tulis 'semalam' or 'hari ini' nak tulis arini jugakk) i watched football. besttttt!!!!...BOILER UP!!!!!
this is my first time lar kan tgok football. so semangat tuh berlebeyh. excited sgt smpai x leh tido. huhu. but we loss tu spartans (michigan state). sedeyh jugak :( tp adat lar kan menang kalah. tp satu bnde yg aku recognize kat sini adlah semangat kesukanan nyer mmg tinggi yer. eventho purdue ni x de lar terer mane kan, tp sume org still sokong uni sendiri ok. thats a good spirit. so, aku sememangnye akan dtg tgok football lagi next year. go boilers!!!

ps:esok ade men soccer. kul 12pm. hopefully bley bgun tido..hoho ;p

me :)

Friday, November 13


im felt happy today. felt lighter than before :) btw, mlm td agm. congratz to all !!!

and i feel sorry for 'littleton people'. sume kene berbaris for prf leasing. terkenang zaman dlu wktu kitorang berbaris jugak. but it was a definitely unforgettable memory. hahaha :D good luck guys and semoga dpt survive okeh :)

and tomorrow, im gonna watch football. omg, im so excited. really exciteddddddd!!!! BOILER UP!!!

good nite peeps and have a good sleep :)

ps: currently addicted to fireflies :p

misz amalz

Thursday, November 12

i love you sis

anyah (my sister) dh nk spm. i can tell that she's really on stress rite now. im sorry i couldnt be there to help you. im sorry. i feel bad about this but i hve faith in her. anyah, you could do it.
she called me just now, crying. sedeeeeyyyyy. "kak long, i really miss u, anyah sayang kak long tau"..soorrrrryyyyy, kak long x dpt nk lawat anyah tp i always pray for u ok. . i feel like crying rite now. omg, i miss her. she needs my support. i really hope i can be there for her. anyah, sori :(((((
dikenang-kenang balik, anyah always be the one who is the most sensitive among my siblings. tp die pling lembut hati, not like me. i dont express my feeling too much. me and kngah selalu usik anyah, then anyah akan terasa. im sorry, doesnt want to be mean at you. u know that we always, always love u.
i need to stop writing before i cry. demnnn..nak balik malaysia. my sis needs me..

Wednesday, November 11

semua ada :)

first, happy birthday to my roommate, rumaisa ali. at last, dh legal dah pun. hehe;p may god bless you and selamat berbahagia lar. tidak lupe juga, fareena. happy bday!!!

omg, esok ade bowling lagi. so, naze and me gonna wear same color pye baju. and tomorrow theme is purple. go team PURPLE!!! sudah bersemangat neh, so harap2 aku baling bola tuh pun bersemangat.huhu~~

and td gi tipp mall. mcm dh lame gileeeee x gi. serious!! dh mcm lame sgt plak rasenye. ooo lupe plak, td keunil ade presentation. this time, he prepared everything. i mean, siap ngn whiteboard skali. hoho~~ anyway, suran masak and of course, she is good at it. sedap!!! thanks suran and keunil :)

td berckp ngn shereen. dh lame gile x dpt nk call. thanks shereen :) need to call alot and kay. i really miss them lorrrr.. miss my family too :(

ps: saya x phm dgn manusia. seriously, saya betul2 x phm ngn manusia. ape2 jer lar kan.layan~~~~~~

yg bersemangat nk main bowling,
misz amalz :)

Tuesday, November 10

adik sayang, nov 10 :)

today is my sis bday, aina. happpppppyyyyyyyy birthday, aina!!! i hope u like your birthday present. sorry terwish awal smlm. excited sgt smpai lupe birthday sbnr.hahaha :D

anyway, happy birthday aina aqilah!!! have a great one :) may God bless you. i love u.serious ok...i love u :)

love xoxo,
kak long :)

Monday, November 9

mundanely monday

sudah sejak azali lagi, i hate sunday and monday. nope. since aku jadi student. isnin start class. mengantuk plak tuh. aaaa~~ btw, ari ni register classes for spring 2010. it went quite well. kind of strange because i always, always messed up my registration. but maybe i get lucky for next semester classes. hopefully. aaminnn~~

anyway, smlm pye weather was sooooo nice. i lyke!! hantar cik nazira to walgreen for passport photo then belanje me lunch at logan's.ahhh, i love logan's. thanks nazira :) then, smgt kebudakan2 pun dtg. kitorang main rollerblades. omg, seriously aku x reti main rollerblades. aku takut giler jatuh. hahaha :DD. berckp psl rollerblades ni, rindu nk men ice skating. its been ages. hopefully, reti lagi lar nk men ice skating. haha :DD

skang, kitorang excited ntuk cari tickets for football. hopefully, dpt lar murah. nk tgok football!!! aku x phm sgt pun, tp saje menggedik nk pegi. hahaha :DD so guys, BOILER UP!!!

smlm kay call. thanks kay :) ajak kitorang gi rit. mcm idea yg bagus. never been there. nti kite check bagaimana yer. hopefully, i have money lar kan. need to save some money maksudnye tuh. huhu~~ (stop shopping yer cik amalina)

ps: tomorrow is my sis bday. :)

Saturday, November 7


aku terpikir..mane "kawan" aku yg sorang ni. i typed her name at fb, but then she's not on my list. ahaaaaa..she might deleted me. i wonder why. and i might know why she doesn't want be my friend. im sorry if i did wrong but to be specific, could u tell me what's i've done? and one more thing, i am fed up with people judge me. pleaseeee lar, dont juge a book by its cover. pepatah ni dh lame, surely ade reason why people came up with this pepatah. tetibe nk emo plak kan cik amalina. haish~ im just sick with these type of people :( (sorry to be so emosional kan).

tetibe rindu zaman sekolah rendah. friends during those days were much "cool" than nowadays. makin besar, makin byk drama yer. whateva it is, life must go on.

ps: just watched couples retreat. nak pegi eden island. cantek :)

~silly me. salah fhm rupenye..hahaha..:DD sorry yer :)


yesterday, we celebrated nizam's bday. time kaseh lyn sb kasi mkn.byk gile foods.ade hotdogs, cupcakes, sandwiches,etc..but im full wktu tuh, so cannot makan2 lar. actually, we went to hungry's before, that's why kenyang lagi.huhu :( btw, happy bday nizam. aku kasi hadiah doa jer lar yer..haha :DD

so , what happened for the past 2 days? nothing. i guess my life is boring.duh~~ lupe plak, i want to say "good luck to diane". diane is moving to atlanta. probably, she is on her way kot. luckily, kitorang(me, fafa, naze, mizah and saini) smpt ucap "goodbye". kitorang jmpe die last thursday. it was a nice gathering after i quit from work. thanks diane for everything :)

and semalam, we (me, mesak, fafa and saini) went for shopppinggggg!!!!yup, again.baru jer pegi kot. this time, fafa perlu membeli brg for her aunties. but you guys know lar kan, bile perempuan (specifically, cik amalina) tgok brg2, die mula nk membeli. i saw a shirt for men, i love the color, so i bought it for my ayah. hopefully ayah suke. nk beli tie jugak, but then, 100 percents silk. cannot meh~~ and another temptations for me is shoes. omg,i really want boots. cantekkk.mesak jugak hampir membeli.hahaha :D i guess i need to banned myself from tjmaxx or target or any shopping mall. hmmmm~~~boleh kah? tidak lar kan.....

btw, i just remembered yg ustaz nk balik malaysia. selamat pulang ke malaysia ustaz!! ustaz ni la yg jaga kebajikan kitorang kt purdue ni. i dont know if ustaz know me but surely, i know him. so, good luck ustaz. thank you for everything :)

oohh..lupe, last night we watched a movie. rent movie kt redbox and watch it kt umah. jimat.haha :D title movie: farmhouse. comment, errrrrr x best. lembap ok! ade lar scene mendebarkan but then, terlampau lembap ( tp x leh kalahkan kelembapan cite paranormal) plus, citer menipu giler. nasib bek satu laki dlm cite tuh hensem.( x de lar hensem sgt pun. brad pitt lagi ensem). hahaha :D

anyway, dh lapar. need to feed myself. :)

till then,
misz amalz :)