Friday, February 27

life is hard..sigh~~

its been a while rite?hmm..dunno what to write.hmm..this week, nothing much about my self.i got two exams but dats not the biggest problem for me, still can handle it though.except korean.i already took korean for two smsters but still bodo lg.mmg sah x de bakat.i dunno why but i took 5 hours to study korean but still, bile exam, blank.arghh..the same thing happen to fafa and eric.(if im not mistaken, we're the only person who doesnt hve korean blood in our family.and hell yes,yg len sume org korea plus some of them are pure koreans.i mean they live in korea and they come to the states to study,just like me.i really dont undrstand why they took korean.u can speak korean, u can read korean, then why u still in d class..daaa..)huhuhu..nway, yesterday, aku mcm boring giler,so aku pn edit lar some pics.including my family pics, my sheesh kebabs and my housemate pics..later on, i'll show u guys the pics..quite good for org yg buta seni mcm aku neyh.hehehe..sejak beberapa mggu neyh,i heard bout school reunion and i think it's good lar.after long time, we have time to meet with our old frens and chat and do things together.isn't nice?i like the idea tp npe slalunyer aku x leh g.haish..nk gak jmpe kwn2 lme..=(..ari tuh, aku tertinggal reunion sek rendah.dh lme x jmpe kwn2 sek rendah neyh.but then, bukan rzki yg aku musykilnye, time aku kt oversea ni lar dorang sibuk nk buat reunion.dlu x de pun aku dgr nk buat reunion.pity me.=(..btw, aku bru balik keje.n guess what, bertimbun giler keje nk kne buat and i'll work for the whole weekends.lucky girl!!and one of my workmates, janet is having surgery today (i dont really know the reason for her surgery but i think its only minor surgery..she can handle it, gagah perkasa workmate aku neyh..but i already miss her..=)..she will be off for 4-5 weeks..huhuhu..)and then, td diane( my nicey, motherly supervisor) tnjuk kt kitorang gmbr sorang mamat(we called him mr magnet..) yg kakak die mcm nk matchmaking ah ntuk die..nice looking guy plus not that old for diane. i really hope diane will find someone that she gonna married(actually, aku tringin giler nk g knduri kawin kt sni..nk tgok mcm mne diorang kawen..hehehe)..*menguap*dh gonna sleep..good nite..

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