Friday, October 9

october break soooo excited for this break. we're going to ny!!! despite of tons of hws waiting for us after the break, we gonna have fun. *party in the usa* ooo yeaaaaahhhhh!!!! at last, ade jugak holidays kan. seriously, im tired of study. huh~

so, whats the plan? jalan2 without using too much money since kitorang sume ni ade budget constraint skit..hehehe :P. itu lah kan, x tau plak kitorang akan "kekeringan" waktu beli ticket ni dlu. huhu..nway, later aku update bout ny.

enough with ny okay. skang ni kitorang busy gile dgn malaysian night. since i joined zapin and indian dance, im like really busy. classes, hws, and practices. especially with zapin. baru tau, x sng rupenye nk menari neh but i like it. im having fun :)

lastly, jom lar dtg malaysian night kitorang neh!!! and happy holidaysssssssssssssssss!!!!!
yezzzaaaaaa :D

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giGGLe said...

wey,indian dance???tingin ak nak tgk ang menari ala2 indian gurl..wawa...gedik!