Sunday, February 27

happy week

it's really been a while kannn? yup, tak tau la why i dont feel like posting anything nowadays. im just not in mood. tapi baca blog, still my "thing" ye

so, what i been up to lately? nothing. nothing special. nada! hah, i mean i been busy lately with school eventho amek 3 subjects je and one of them is bowling. but dont judge me okay. bowling susah okayyyyy

hah, cerita pasal bowling, i have a story about my bowling class, not story la, my new achievement :P so, in the class, we only had 4 girls and the others suma laki. of course lah i group dgn budak laki kannn. bukan gatal ye, i tak main gatal2 neh, tpi group sume lecturer yg first, i thought im the only malay there, but actually ada sorang lagi and he ended up with the same group as me. and ada la beberapa org mat salleh in the same group. and typical la kan, laki lagi terer dari perempuan kan and azam i nak lawan suma mamat terer ni. oh ye, the 2 mamat in my group, they are super duper good. intimidate okay. so, long short story, last week was the best performance that i ever did. i got 170 points!!! maybe for u guys, sikit sangat lah tu kan, but for me, it was HUGE. HUGGGGGEEEEEEE! and the sweetest part, the guys in my group feel happy for me. they even cheer for me. auuwwwwww :) tak yah nak perasan la amalina oiii. ada yg kena lempang kangg!

but one thing that i learn about my self lah kan, when i bowled too good during one week, the following week will be depressing week for me aka my scores would look like i dont even know how to bowl. so, welcome depressing week ! yeayyyyyy!!

ok, so rasa nya cukup setakat ini sahajalah update kali ni. eh, lupa plak. aritu ade chinese new year celebration. it was funn and omg, i love the food! thanks for the new menu PUMSA :)
i didnt take lots of pics that night. but here are some pics!

meet Apa, fafa, me and looks-like-busy Dina

and you know what, i cant wait for my sweet escape :) im totally readddyyy for a vacation babeyhhhhhhh! hek eleh, lebih2 plak ko ni kannnnn. sikit2 sudah, chillex sudehhhh

psss: and last week was my sister (anyah) bday. happy bday anyah :) i love uuuuuuu!


Saini Nusrom said...

amal... "long short story" pun boleyyy! haha... *tak de keje kan smpi bley nmpk mende2 kecik cm neh haha*

cik amal :) said...

hahahaha. cepat je eh ko. biasa la aku. mls nk edit. hehehehehe

psss, bila ko nak mai sini nehhhhh? cepat ah dtg. nti bole hangout sama2. cepat dtg wehh