Saturday, October 4

chicago here I come!!!!!!!

hi..berjumpe lg..this blog is like my "diary" but not really that diary...just a place for me to write something that happened to me all the way while i'm in United is the best raya celebration for friends and I go to chicago to attend MSD open house and it's really rock my world...:)...kt sne, i meet with all my friends kt intec and get to know some other new people and it was superbly great's like jmpe kawan yg terpisah lme and have a little bit time to chat with them..laugh...n do everything that we's feel really u guys..
sblm tu msti ler cite dlu mcm mne kitorang nk g sne..all girls from waterfronts which include me nek van yg senior tempah ntuk pegi..sblm bertolak tu,kitorang g brown stone dlu since kitorang kne amik farina dlu..first2..drebar nyer hakim but then kitorang too noisy so tukar drebar...hahaha...nak wt mcm mne..sume dlm tu suke sakat org..hahaha...then..bos jadi driver with apa as second driver...dlm kete tu mcm2 ler kitorang buat...sembang2..usik2 org...makan..tido..sume cukup ler...buat mcm umah sndiri...hehehe..then..after about 2 hours and half kitorang pun smpai ler kt umah pengarah MSD tu..meriah gile...sume org malaysian de kt s2 and it's like second malaysia...hahaha...n then..kitorang pun join ler skali..tgh on d way nk g amik mknan tu,tetibe aku nmpk izati who is classmate aku kt intec..kitorang mmg menjerit sambil peluk2 like we're not seen each others for years...haaha...and aku pun jmpe bebrape lg kwan2 aku kt intec..then..kitrang amik ler foods..mmg byk gile variety...nasi hmpit..kuah kacang..nasi beriyani..laksa...pulut kuning..mee bandung..nasi dagang..everything except lemang..hehehe..mmg rse mcm kt malaysia ler..abis jer mkn..mcm bese ler..cari kawan2 yg dh lme x jmpe and then sembang2..mcm dh terpisah berpuluh tahun..amik gmbar sume cukup ler..mmg happening gile wk2 tu...everybody like really have fun and enjoying every seconds there..then..tetibe si roomate aku,fafa pun ckp.."ko nmpk x anahita bakavoli?"(i never know how to spell her name..never care....hahaha)...then,die pn tunjuk ler..all of us like wondering what that girl doing here??but then..who cares...we're malaysian..sesape bley dtg open house ni kot...lupe nk bgtau..when i msuk umah pengarah MSD tu, aku dgr ler bebudak kecik ni ckp..memang speaking abis ler..kalah kot kitorang yg dh besa ni...hahahha...mmg mat saleh celup ler..hahaha...then..dh abis chatting about two hours,kitorang pun amik ler gambar rmai2 ikut university..the biggest is uiuc and the second biggest is ..of course purdue..hahaha..
after amik gambar tu..kitorang pun nk blik ler..sblm blik tu,kitorang g ler kfc which is the only halal kfc in States..think so..but not that excited since i don't really like KFC..but then,kitorang just bli ntuk rse skit jer..lme x cium bau ayam kfc..hahaha..then aftr one hour there,kitorang pun nk blik ler...siap sesat2 berjaya sampai....huish..perjalanan yg sungguh memenatkan..but we really have fun..that's more important..

p/s:need to apologize to anyone yg aku usik td...hehehe..sajer2 jer main2..mne tau klu de yg terase..sori ler klu de yg terase dgn komplot aku ngn apa..hahaha...aku mmg jahat..:P

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