Sunday, January 17


since i dont have anything else to do, i would like to review on Avatar movie. ceh, terasa mcm reviewer plak kan. seriously, i really have nothing to do!

ok, so lets start. i went to watch the movie with fafa last friday since i dont have class the entire day dan sudah-mati-kebosanan-smpai-hampir-nk-gile. so, di atas belas kasihan cik fafa, kitorang pegi tgok Avatar 3D. a good movie! but sometimes terasa panjang sgt plak movie tu. but the sound effects and everything were soo good. there are some parts in the movie that make me laugh. part yang diorang berdoa kat sape ntah, and then they hve ritual to save people's life. i don't know why but it does make me laugh (actually i hve reason behind it, but cant tell u guys since ade org terasa offended nti. hehe ;p). i think the intention/ matlamat the movie adalah ntuk memberitahu kita yg manusia suka buat kacau kat alam semulajadi which means our forests and everything la. ecology alam x bole di kacau, and if we did, then it will fight back or else, kita akan hadapi kesan2nye. so, secara x lansung, movie ni memberi mesej tersirat dan tersurat. so LETS GO GREEN!! ahaha. ouh, lupe plak. my lecturer ckp kt class yg die suke gile this movie bcoz the art was so beautiful and yes, mmg cantik. the forest was soooo colourful and peaceful. if we have that kind of thing here, i would love to stay there. wahhh, mcm nk jadi tarzan plak kan. hahaha :D

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Nina Awis said...

kalo tgk 3d mmg best eventhough pjg nk mati....bile tgk yg bese nyer mmg nak tido sesangat...