Friday, January 15

lame friday

nothing to do la today. bangun pagi lambat gile. what's the point of waking up early if u dont hve class riteeeee? hah, mengaku je la yg ko tuh pemalas cik amal oi!

oh lupe, bgun jer tido,cik amal trus smbung tgok cite "ketika cinta bertasbih 2". my comment, both movies (1 and 2) are the same. bezanya, the first movie berlaku kt cairo, and the second movie at indonesia. but no offense, i dont like this movie. why? bcoz for me, it only shows a man who are searching for a wife and eventually he finds one and happily ever after. one more thing, i dont like the part when Azam (hero in this movie) desperately searching for a wife. it just make me thinking, betul ke ini caranya mencari wife, is it really that simple? and the last part, oh my god, i hate it. im sorry if u guys like it, but i dont, it just my opinion. i just dont understand, how could a woman who just get divorced, married another guy? x ker mcm pelik, before this u said to ur husband that u love him so much, then something happened, u get divorced, then kawen ngn kawan husband ko sndiri. and then, interval masa tu mcm kejap sgt. tidakkkah secara rational nyer, susah nk melupakan org yg kita sayang, husband pulak tu kan. tp movie ni menunjukkan senangnye jalan cerita hidup ni. part last tu plak, bole plak second hero tu jumpe kekasih lame, suka plak kat pompuan tuh padahal baru je bercerai. whateva it is, maybe it just my opinions, dont bother it if u dont like it. but seriously, kalau nk compare, i do think ayat-ayat cinta lagi best but i dont mean ayat2 cinta(AAC) is the best movie, it just i prefer AAC than KCB.

wah, pnjg sungguh entry ntuk comment psl movie ni yer. hahaha. again, no offense okay. it just my opinions. for those yg blom tgok lagi movie ni, dgn segala hormat dipersilakan tgok yer.

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