Friday, January 29

did you ever wish for the impossible?

" love is a game that two can play and both win "

aku and kwan2 gi tgok movie tonite and i could say its worth it. really worth it. all elements together; funny, romance and etc, i love it. im not into romance/love kind of movies fan(i prefer action movie) but i would say this movie is fun to watch. and its funny too (seriously, i laugh all the time!haha ) and Josh Duhamel is HOT!!

and pengajaran from this movie, jgn suka2 hati jer amek duit yg org baling dalam "sacred-love-fountain" coz it maybe have some spells on it. you would never want a group of crazy men come to you all of sudden and say that they love u. hahaha :D berckp ttg perkara ini, a lot of people believe these kind of thing. i dont know if i would believe it coz i never try it. maybe i shud, and make a wish, "semoga aku jadi org pandai dan rajin!" then we see what happen.hahaha :D

ps: ouh btw, the title of the movie is When in Rome. lupe plak nak kasi tau. hehe ;p

ok peeps, i really need to sleep rite now. so sleep tight and have a good dream :)

in malas mood,
cik amal ♥

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