Monday, September 6


again, im gonna write bout all the shits happened in my life.

being a senior isn't great at all. seriously, i mean it. eventho class schedule tak pack lansung, the assignments are killing me. all the classes im taking right now, is sooooooooo hard. to be truth, econometrics is HELL. the homeworks are ridiculously hard. yup, i hate it and probably it will continue till end of semester. period.

okay, now i sound a bit negative kannn??.. and hell yeah, i am a negative person. LOL

sudah-sudahlah dengan cerita mengada-ngada-nak-mintak-simpati ni, jom tuka topic. happy mode perhaps :)

last saturday, me, fafa and apa join pumsa scavenger hunt. and to-be-surprised, we won okaaaayyyyyyyyy ! ! ! menang saat akhir tuh. and the hadiah is football tickets. since kitorang menang, "terpaksa" reward diri sendiri dgn membuat trip ke outlet sempena labor day. hehehe :P and of course, mesti la ada benda "tersasar" kannnnn..dari tak nak beli apa2, trus beli semua uolllssssss. LOL

go greek !

today, perlu siapkan assignments yg mmg tak reti nk buat pun. haish :(

i think i need to jadi rajin la. i need to study byk2 lagi la. okay, next week, i jadi nerd :P

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kumpulannnnn 'me likey' =P