Thursday, September 30

empire state of my mind

i always love this song and it's been a while since my last time dgr lagu ni. nasi baik jumpe balik bile dgr2 lagu kt youtube. don't u think youtube is the best thing in the world? ahhh, i totally loveeeeeeeeeeee it!

nanti i show u some pics during my birthday partayyyyyy. omaigod, it was awesome possum ! the only shit-iest thing is i ade byk exams and assignments due waktu bday sendiri. loser gile! and to make things worse, i ade exam lagi next week. gonna be super busy next week. aaaaaaaahhh, can't wait for next week to be done! ughhh

gonna watch movie tonite. hopefully story die best since the last two movies that i watched are damn tak best!

ps: i want to change my blog pye layout but i forgot la mcm mane nk buat. sooooo me kan? im so stupid when dealing with computer. ugh!

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