Saturday, December 5


i've been wanting to read eclipse for so long and at last, dh dpt beli eclipse. but then, finals coming, final paper perlu disiapkan. sigh~ maybe bace waktu bedtime je la. huhu. amal ckp eclipse x best, merapu. tp aku nk bace jugak. hehe ;p

yesterday, me, maisa and hanan planning for our trip to florida.omg, we're sooo over excited! cant wait for finals. yeay!! hopefully everything will be ok. insyaAllah :)

ive been laying at bed resisting myself from sleep. such a sleepyhead!! +_+

good morning,
misz amalz :)


~Amira Abd Rani~ said...

amal, bacelah bku itu..
aku bce sinopsis die mcm best je..
xsabar nk tggu movie eclipse!!
more interesting than new moon i think!
nnt promote kt aku buku tu ek..(",)

Nina Awis said...

ngah da bace....cite 2 lg best kalo bace smbil dgr lagu..
p/s:bku ni smakin lame smakin interesting cite die....smpai nak bli smbungan die....cnfirm ko kna bli breaking dawn...huhu