Thursday, December 10

mula la merepek

rite now, specifically, ive been reading journals for my ethics paper( 7 pages long) which due tomorrow.need to add some points here and there. huh. dont like it but i need to :( i need to get a good grade for this subject. hopefully i will :)

lately, it's been really collllllddddddddd. i hate it coz i need to walk to class.and it feels like miles away from my house. it would be so nice if im a super rich kid that have a driver. so, there is no need to walk to class. haha. lazy me. actually grateful that im not, if i am, i will be superbly- gemok because all my lemakz tak digunakan pon. haha. ckp pasal lemakz-lemakz di badan ini, i need to lose some weights. seriously. i need to lose at least 3 kg. it does not mean i want to be as skinny as the supermodels okay( mereka itu super duper skinny okay ;p). cuma nk berat bdn yg proportionate with my height. so, people might be curious, berapa berat bdn aku ni kan? hahaha. the answer is berat badan itu rahsia perempuan. you will never know unless you are my close friends. sorry ;p hahaha

yesterday, kitorang ade performance zapin for holidays around world. it was okay lar. bak kata guru-tarian-merangkap-boss zapin, apaninah, kite kasi yg paling cheap pye performance.and mmg simple gile performance kitorang.but we enjoyed every bit of it :) we went to hicks library(tak study sgt pun..). cool, i like it. final is coming. need to revise everything. my first paper will be on monday. stats.argh!! did i tell u that i hate stats? i just hate it. no reason at all.

at hicks library
ps: fafa nak sgt cincin yg aku pkai ni smpai she claimed that i actually wanted to give this ring to her. haha :D

* update: mulut aku sakit giler. ade ulser rase nye.aaarrghhhh!! demmit, i hate it :( *

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me likey the pics... huhu

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relink my blog. hee.