Wednesday, December 23

night before my sweet escape :)

so, today pye activity adalah karaoke again (berangan nk jadi penyanyi la katakan. lol ) and then, bww for supper ( dinner or wateva u called it). i woke up at 3-ish. padahal tido awal jer mlm tuh tp x terasa nk bangun awal plak kan. janet called me around 10 in the morning tp x sedar pun. then, she called me again dan aku pun bgun la tido. aku promise yg aku akan jumpa die sblm gi florida. so, she gave me a present for christmas (eventho aku x smbut pun kan). pairs of cute socks. it really cute (seriously!). of course, i love it :) thank you janet!

im done with packing2 my stuffs sume and seriously, im thinking of taking the whole wardrobe+ clothes and it will be much nicer if i can bring my room and bed. but of course la tak bole kan. bukan bwk lori pun. haha. hopefully, we will have a nice trip and selamat sampai dgn berjayanya. ameen~~

to everyone, have a good break + have a safe journey! to warga purdue yg stay, selamat bercuti di purdue. have fun too! sape ckp purdue x best, best sbnrnye. if u try to make it fun lar. ok. enough with ke"merepek"an yg melanda diri akibat mengantuk tp susah nk tido. astalavista!

love ♥
misz amalz

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