Sunday, December 6

lovely weekend :)

lovely weekend. that is how my weekend was :)

friday, went to keunil's presentation at his house. he talked about breakfast ( i think ;p). and of course, the foods was sooooo delicious. thank you suran :) then,balik umah, main guitar hero dgn fafa after amal and the geng balik. teringin plak nk men aftr tgok diorang men. skills kitorang hampeh. selama ni mmg hampeh pun skill kitorang. hahaha!!!

saturday, me, nazira and saini went to mall.fafa keje, so x leh ikut skali. im searching for jeans since my jeans sume dh terkoyak. i seriously dont know the reasons of it. isnt jeans supposedly to be the most-long-lasting-pants-in-the-world? so, i went to aerospostale. got a good bargain, so i get a new jeans. love it :)
then, we went for ice skating. all four of us. miza was a first-timer, so we helped her. yup, she's improving though. next time, kite pergi lagi ok :). and yes, i fell for the first time (i think) there. omg, sakit gile ok! plus, malu lagi kan. diorang smpat captured my 'moment'. hahaha!!! jom skating again after exams :)

sunday which is today, rumah paan and friends buat makan2 sblm dead week. thumbs up for nasi lemak and rendang :) makan 2 pinggan lagi. haha ;D eventually, i slept for two hours after that. penangan makan byk sgt td. amek ko. hahaha !!
so, sekarang kene siapkan my hws. my last essay for english 106i. hoo yeahhh!!! tp ade lagi 7 pages-essay ntuk my philosphy class menunggu. fuih~~

jatuh. hehehe ;p

ice skating :)

makan- makan before dead week :)

ps: perlu exercise ok before aku jadi belon. and perlu jugak study waktu dead week ni. takut nk final. huhu :(
good luck guys :)

hidup bukan untuk makan,
misz amalz :)


giGGLe said...

hidup bukan untuk mkn???
aku x salah baca ke?

Nina Awis said...

die slah taip 2....
long, ngah tau sbb pe jeans ko koyak....hehehe