Monday, April 26

dead week +_+

i cant believe final is coming! im soooo not ready. berdebar2 *dub dab*. im hoping that i could do better for this semester. i shud try my best. believe in urself, ganbatte ne! im hoping that i could fully utilize my deadweek which mean STUDY, STUDY AND STUDY! no more facebooking ( impossible!), no more youtube-ing ( impossible too!) and no more sleeping all day n nite ( hahahahaha!).

eventho ade jugak perasaan takut ni, i feel so happy laa. nak balik malaysia dah! seriously, excited tahap dewa dah ni! tak sabarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! rindu kat family <3
budak cbe nak jadi rajin,
amal :P

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