Sunday, April 18

fun weekend

it really been a while. i used to blog everyday, but lately im kind of busy :( rindu jugak nk berblogging ni but i dont feel like writing now, so im gonna make it short (hopefully :P). here's the update

~D-Phi-L => now, im officially a greek member and i love it! and the sisters too! pledging process was kind of hard but i made it. thank u to all who came to my probate last thursday, i really appreciate it :)

~spring fest + bug bowl => an event u shud not missed. and jgn lupe next year, if u hve adik or anak2 kecil, jgn lupe bwk, so u could hve a good reason to queue up for free balloon. susah tau nk buat muka comel sambil mintak balloon :P LOL!

~miss asia => similar to beauty pageant competition except they dont have bikini show. i wonder how many people wud go for this event if they hve the girls wearing bikinis :p i went for this event to support my sisters stepping performance. good job guys! and congrats to miss AAA,....i forgot her name. sorry

~a day with zara => babysit zara since kak shida ade basketball practice. aku yg terlebih excited bile dgr lagu barney sb dh lame gile tak dengar. hohoho!

esok dah isnin, as usual, rasa malas nak gi kelas since dah cuti sejak ari jumaat. i need to study la, exams nk dekat dah.


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