Sunday, April 11

ade udang di sebalik mee!

lately, ive been really busy. i felt sorry for my friends for not having time to hang out with them. i really am. sorry guys :(

but, this week, i just had a very nice,wonderful week. yup, i just love it!yesterday, i volunteered for boilerblast which i had been doing for the past two years and im still enjoying it. for me, the most important thing is having fun with your friends while doing charity. plus, u got free foods and shirts! ps: i managed to take pic with president cordova! hehe :P

and today, we had picnic. i forgot to take pics since i dont bring my camera :( *ape point ade camera klu x gne kan. sigh!* but overall, it was sooo much fun! ouh, hampir terlupa! i played dodgeball today. the event was held by my club, War on Hunger. and thank you guys for showing up and support us.

ouh, btw i just notice that malaysian people, especially in purdue, were nice, supportive type of people. they love to do charity. ok ok, some of u probably think that ive been sarcastic..a bit laaaa kan. hahaha :D i have prove ok!
- every year, pumsa mesti join boilerblast which can be categorized as charity la kannn. some people maybe nak shirts and free foods jer kan but who care laahh, we stil do charity work.
- second, every time the boys have soccer match, evryone would make effort to cheer for them. seeeee, how supportive we are :P
- i just had fundraising event (car wash) last week and i text everyone to help me by bring their cars for car wash. and surprisingly, diorang siap dtg bwk 4 kete eventho kete diorang x berkilat pun lps kne basuh, siap nmpk lagi kotor ade la. hahaha :P
- plus, today diorang join dodgeball which also can be considered as a good charity (all the moneys will proceed to indiana food bank). penat jugak la melobi diorang, ckp ni untuk kebajikan, derma tp best nye, diorang still join gak eventho kne bye 5 dollars.
- ade byk lagi lists tp x perlu nk tulis byk2 kan, nti org ckp riak plak kan. hehehe :P

dgn bukti2 diatas, betul lah kirenye, bdk malaysia ni baik2 belaka. sbnrnye, aku nk emphasize kt sini, NANTI KALAU ADE EVENT UNTUK WAR ON HUNGER, MARI LAH BERAMAI-RAMAI JOIN LAGI YER. UNTUK KEBAJIKAN NI. hehehe :P

ps: busy week coming!
pss: ouh, i miss my family soo much! cant wait to go back to msia. lagi sebulan jer :)

misz amalz

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amalia said...

k.long i miss u :(