Thursday, April 15

super duper awesome night !

tonite is one of the best nights ever! im so glad pledging is over (not that i hate it, it just make my life too busy :P) and im a SISTER now! yeowwwLLLLL! omg, i cant believe that I did it. its been a long journey with sweet memories :) and yes, im totally had fun with all the sisters. eventho u guys might not reading this, but i still wanna say this, i love u guys (farhana, nazira, priscilla, gwen, renu and jessie) ♥ ! D-PHI-L !

ps:since everyone congrating us, i also want to congrat the Pi Rho! congratzzz :)
pss: i got some videos from the probate, thanks to mesak. ill upload it later :)

nitey !

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