Thursday, March 25

a better day perhaps

esok jumaat. i dunno why, but i always keep thinking that jumaat as a day that we need to be nice and revise all things that we have done in a week. yeah, i noe it must sounds so pelik kan, in reality we shud act nicely and do good things everyday, not only on friday. but we're are human, we do good and bad stuffs. sometimes more bad than good (wah,im soo good at this. haha) so, the solution is we should improve ourself la kann.. perhaps tomorrow is a better day for me.

you guys must think that i've changed to be more "ustazah". actually no laar. i've been saying all these good things (all the pedoman dan nasihat) because today is my lazy day,im so not productive. and now, baru nak menyesal (that's sooo me). after finish my class at 1-ish, i've done nothing. NADA! KOSONG! TELUR AYAM! except watching alvin and the chipmunk 2, which cannot be categorized as a productive work! (maybe if im a movie critic but im not!lol)

i hate it when i always feel sleepy waktu hujan2 ni. luckily enuf, i managed to force my ass off the bed. i walked thru the rain to print some stuffs and manage to meet janet at pmu. so, that's the only productive work i've done so far for today. hahaha :D

baiklah, cukuplah tazkirah untuk hari ini. selamat malam sume. adios!

ps: have a nice weekend :)

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