Saturday, March 13

age never limit us

i just got back from nazira's house. im beyond than full. my stomach has been filled with cakes, kerepeks and many things. omg, it's heaven! thank you nazira :) and time kaseh juga ntuk games twilight dan monopoly hari ini. and a fun fact for today, boys do watch twilight okeh! betul tak rahim, bobo? hehehe :P

btw, i saw videos from youtube about talent show called Pilipinas got talent (maybe it's the same format as britain got talent) so, when i watched the video,i've been impressed by a group of makcik2 yg maseh lgi bersemangat ntuk menari. they danced for single ladies (beyonce) woot woot ! omg, im soooooo surprised! im hoping that when i grew older, i will stay active and fit like them. tak nak la dh umur 60, duduk jer kt umah tunggu anak cucu balik kampung. i want to be a "vogue granny". hahahaha :D

so, enjoy the video guys :) here's the video.

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