Wednesday, March 24


this is random!

yesterday, i went to library, trying to study for my next exam but it totally doesnt work for me :( im a last-minute person, mcm org ckp, nak terberak baru nak cari jamban! ok2, enuf with that. nak cite lain sbnrnye.hehe :P so ceritanya, one friend of mine shows me a picture of a GUY,ok i want to stress this word again,a GUYYYYYYYY. im sooooo shocked! (my expression waktu ni, mata terbeliak, muka berkerut-kerut, mulut ternganga. hodoh kan?). not that he's sooo handsome but he's totally hurmmm (i never say he is handsome, far than handsome ok! hahaha) just search for LADY GA-GO at facebook and see it urself. probably you guys will laugh your ass off (like me!). no offense people! i seriously dont care if u are L or G, im totally fine with it. but this is f***ing funny, at least for me! hahahaha :D so, if u guys want some entertainment, just search for LADY GA-GO at fb and enjoy. kahkahkah!


~Amira Abd Rani~ said...

amal, aku dh tgk!
naik bulu roma aku weh!

plus, die nk merosakkan lgu halo beyonce!
sila oergi tgk video tu, geli geleman n klakar babas.

:: Say.Me :: said...

motip yer semua orang dah tgk lady gago.... AWAS lady Gago mau merampas takhta diva... haha