Monday, March 1

halia ooo halia

what im about to write will be kind of awkward or maybe funny for u guys. idk. so, guess what? i do think that my friends aka my roommates love me. muahahaha!! :D ( seeee,all of u guys will be laughing like hell) do u guys remember in the last post, i wrote bout how i got pain all over my body after snowboard. and yeah, i still have the pain but it has been lessened, thanks to my lovely, yet caring roommates ♥ (isn't they sweet :P) eventho, they forced me to drink "air halia" yg semestinya tak sedap (of course la kan, klu sedap,mesti la sume org suka mkn ubat kan??), i did appreciate it since i can walk quite normal today. klu tak, mcm org robot ok! not only that, when i show them yg i got a lot of bruises (i mean A LOT, mcm kena belasah ngn gaster ok!), they even made "ubat halia" for me. *u guys perasan tak yg my roommates ni suke bnde berkaitan dgn halia? hahaha :D * sweeeettttkan diorang? hahaha :D auwwww, terharu whateva it is, thank you and i love u guys ♥ (sweet tak aku buat post ni ntuk korang :P) so, peeps, sape rase sakit2 bdn tuh, meh ah dtg umah kitorang, roommates aku bole buat "jamu halia" ntuk korang. hehehe :P

si minah halia,
amal :)

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rumaisa lee said...

barulah nk appreciate eh.
esok xyah bwk beg roda da la g clas ;p hahahahaa