Tuesday, March 23


ok, people, if u cant see me rite now, let me tell u im smiling! hahaha :D it's actually nothing but im too excited tho. Janet called me! yeayyyyyy. omg, its been ages since the last time i met her. been busy with classes, exams and everything. most of the spring break i spent most of my time with friends, woke up late, so no time to see janet lah.omg, i miss janet! :( luckily, this week im kind of free. so, i get chance to meet her, probably gonna drop at pmu later this week :)


Ahn Dee (Asyandi) said...

amal. ak pn br taw ko ade blog.. ;)
neway, pekabar?

cik amal :) said...

so, we are the bloggers huh? haha :D

aku ok jer. ape cer kt uk?

ps: shereen and kay pun ade blog jugak. hoho