Sunday, March 21


since tomorrow we gonna start our class, today's post would be the summary of my-so-called-spring-break. ok, lets start.

the beginning of spring break, we (me and roommates laaa) went to the Journey at indy for a lunch of heaven seafoods. yup, it is mouthwatering yet only costs us 8 dollars. and the best part is, when we enter the restaurant, they even welcome us with, "selamat dtg! dari malaysia ya?" hah, nasib bek betul2 org malaysia, mcm mne klu org arab. haaaaaa. x ke naya name nye tuh :P

in the middle of spring break, the budaks2 (who doesnt have plan for spring break,instead of going somewhere else, we stay at purdue. yes, we love purdue so much that we not even bother to leave it for holidays. sounds sarcastic rite? hahaha :D) stay together at the BEST vila you can found in west lafayette, VILA AMAL & FAFA. we provide foods, bedroom, tour around purdue and games. the best! hahahaha :D. so, my plan to kuruskan badan has been cancelled after fully load with good foods from fana ( omg,roti jala is the best la :D) and saini ( dapat makan nasi goreng sume bagai, bole jadi caterer ni. haha). eventho my diet is cancelled, kena juga bersenam. so, frisbee has been our main activity. pagi petang siang malam! haha :D

the so-called professional players of putt-putt

so, the final part of my-so-called-spring break is hanging out with friends. since it's been ages since our last "mamak" style of lepak-ing, we went for a lunch at scottys down at wabash. yup, it was a good meeting. hopefully we had other activities coming up since nazira's and saini's bday is coming. they even have the same birthday, we shud just called them abang and adik la. hmm, good idea! *clap clap*

selamat hari jadi yer :P

every summary has a conclusion rite? i would say that i had a great spring break. valuable time with friends is the best thing that i valued during the break. thank you guys. oh, eventho im not going anywhere, i got a t-shirt from iowa. cantik! thanks hanan :)

sampai di sini sahaja summary saya hari ini. dapat A ke tak ni klu antar kt lecturer? hmm..


picture of the day, rempittttt!

*pics from nazira's. thank you yer :P *

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