Tuesday, February 9

not a happy post

as the title said, this is not a happy post. again, NOT A HAPPY post. so, if u dont like my negative-ness, click the x button on the rightest corner of ur screen. ok, so lets get started. this week (it's only tuesday, not even friday yet), everything is going crazy and i do feel tired. seriously, i never felt this tired. huh :( i got back-to-back-exams and i cant wait to finish all of them. im gonna sleep like sleeping beauty.

ouh btw, do u guys know that there is actually a disease called sleeping beauty syndrome? the person can sleep for weeks and do nothing, i mean she (eventually, the patient is a teenage girl, i got this news from yahoo. haha) wakes up for only a maximum of 2 hours. basically she just eat, taking bath and then sleep again. kesian kan? mcm x de life jer. huhu

ok,sbnrnye ade byk bnde aku nk tulis tp mata dh tutup separuh. ngantok! so, good nite loves :)

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