Saturday, February 6

official day

ok people, today is the official day that i will turn into a NERD. fully NERD. since i need to study all the time. 24/7 till thursday after my last exam. after the "dead days", im gonna sleep like a bear. naah, im gonna enjoy every bit of time that i have. sarcastic sungguh aku ni ! hahaha :D so, im gonna have 3 exams next week and hopefully im still alive! good luck for those who had exams too and enjoy ur life to the fullest. HA HA HA HA!



:: Say.Me :: said...

yeahhh... nih barulah budak Purdue.. NOTTT... hahaha
good luck lahh.. haha

cik amal :) said...

hahahaha. ini PURDUE SEJATI laaa. hahaha

time kasih. ucapan good luck tu sgtlah penting ntuk aku survive di mggu exam ini. hahahahahaha