Tuesday, February 23

pics and album

tonight, my "scrapbook-ing" fever dtang lagi. actually, i have a lot of things need to be done, but im just to lazy to do it. i just feel that i need to do something else, so i ended up doing scrapbook. and the result ,fuih, my room is sooo messy right now, that i even more lazy to clean it up. hahaha :D

when the idea of this crazy scrapbook-ing come up? it actually started last summer when i have nothing to do, and im just soooo freaking bored watching tv all the time. so, i got an idea when i remembered that i hve a photo album/scrapbook ( fafa gives it to me since she doesn't know how to use it . thank u fafa! ) during that time, i was soooo bersemangat with the idea of making a scrapbook. omg, u wouldn't believe me, but i stayed up all nite till morning to finish my scrapbook! and yup, i kind of feel proud of myself. hehe, show off :P

so, right now, im working on my 2nd scrapbook and im nearly done with it. hopefully, i could buy a new scrapbook soon. i need more space for upcoming events and holidays.

till then,
misz amalz

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