Sunday, February 28


ok, i wake up this morning and guess what, badan rase sakit! my legs is okay but my upper body is kind of K.O. hahaha. we went to snowboarding yesterday ( thats explains the pain! ) and it was superbly fun. i loveeee snowboard. but to be ashamed, im really scared to go ski-ing. seriously! to choose btween snowboard and ski, i will definitely choose snowboard. i've tried ski,and i fell like "nangka busuk" ok (i've even experienced fly-like-a-superman kind of fall) and it hurts the most! so, say NO to SKI !

to be sorry, we forgot to take pics.yeah, we were tooo excited till we forgot to cam-whore. lol. tp kesian kat amal (not me, my junior :P), she loss her camera while snowboard :( and she's the only one who took the pics. so, no pics for this trip. maybe next time. sorry peeps :P

ok, im sooo in need to clean up my room (dah mcm kapal pecah dah). see ya ;)

*update:tetibe terjumpe pics ni kt album adilah ghapor. so, here's the pics*

in pain,
misz amalz

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