Wednesday, February 24

movie night

tonite i got a good, delicious, yummy dinner. lamb, with beans and mashed potatoes. and for those who are thinking bout how delicious it is, let me answer you guys, YUP, IT IS A GOOD MEAL INDEED A VERY DELIGHTFUL DINNER :) thanks to my roomies, rajen gile masak :)
then, together we watched PANDORUM. the review? is kind of scary for me but it is okay. i mean, there are some parts when we get scared but overall, it is okay (you know what i mean rite? ) it is better than watching a ghost-based movie. but still, i hate watching those type of genre. it makes me scared. huhu. yup, aku penakut :P *whateva*

so, get a good nite people. have a sweet dream :)


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