Wednesday, February 3

nerdy me :P

semalam, i tried to organize my calender after the incident tak-tau-exam-sendiri tuh. so, after usha-usha(dh lame x gne ayat usha ni)at few dates, i managed to come into a conclusion. next week im gonna totally DEAD. i got 3 exams,ouh, in a week actually! one on tuesday, one on wednesday, and last exam for the "dead week" on thursday. thank god i dont have class on friday! plus, i got two homeworks due on tuesday and wednesday. too much things going on in my life rite now. im totally freaking out. biasa la kan, since i never taken 18 credits hour before, so this is the most horrible things. usually, i only have one exam per week. hah, hambek ko sekali 3 exams! so, pengajaran di sini, aku tak akan, diulang semula, AKU TAK AKAN amek 18 credits hour next sem. NOKTAH!

ps: i want to be nerd please! ouh, lupe, i am one of them. hahaha *nak pkai spek mata la lps ni. lol*

*update: not being feminist or whateva, but im just sick with this kind of seriously ?? *


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~Amira Abd Rani~ said...

good luck amal!..(",)