Saturday, February 13

dear diary

so, lets review the movie for dear john. i dont know what u guys thinking bout this movie but seriously, i do think it is bad movie :( sorry guys, i really hate it! the only thing/ part that i like bout the movie is channing tatum. oh my, i can't deny it, he is freaking handsome! and yes, sume perempuan akan "cair" la kan. ok, stop right there, im not going to write bout how handsome he is. blurgh~ so, from my opinion, i do think a great movie shud leave you with a great feeling after u watched it, not frustration. bukan tu jer, movie yg bagus tak sepatutnye tinggalkan perasaan "eh, dah abes ke cite neh? ", and dear john does leave me with that kind of feeling. so, if u guys doesnt like love-story-type of movie and this is ur first time watch this type of genre, dont watch it, u gonna regret it. there's plenty of great love-story movie out there, but dear john definitely not one of them. hmm, maybe i shud forgive the director because he did a great job in choosing channing tatum as the 'hero'. lol

btw, happy valentine people ♥


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