Thursday, November 12

i love you sis

anyah (my sister) dh nk spm. i can tell that she's really on stress rite now. im sorry i couldnt be there to help you. im sorry. i feel bad about this but i hve faith in her. anyah, you could do it.
she called me just now, crying. sedeeeeyyyyy. "kak long, i really miss u, anyah sayang kak long tau"..soorrrrryyyyy, kak long x dpt nk lawat anyah tp i always pray for u ok. . i feel like crying rite now. omg, i miss her. she needs my support. i really hope i can be there for her. anyah, sori :(((((
dikenang-kenang balik, anyah always be the one who is the most sensitive among my siblings. tp die pling lembut hati, not like me. i dont express my feeling too much. me and kngah selalu usik anyah, then anyah akan terasa. im sorry, doesnt want to be mean at you. u know that we always, always love u.
i need to stop writing before i cry. demnnn..nak balik malaysia. my sis needs me..


giGGLe said...

gud luck jugak...
*adik laki ak pn SPM weh..

misz amalz said...

good luck jugak