Saturday, November 7


aku terpikir..mane "kawan" aku yg sorang ni. i typed her name at fb, but then she's not on my list. ahaaaaa..she might deleted me. i wonder why. and i might know why she doesn't want be my friend. im sorry if i did wrong but to be specific, could u tell me what's i've done? and one more thing, i am fed up with people judge me. pleaseeee lar, dont juge a book by its cover. pepatah ni dh lame, surely ade reason why people came up with this pepatah. tetibe nk emo plak kan cik amalina. haish~ im just sick with these type of people :( (sorry to be so emosional kan).

tetibe rindu zaman sekolah rendah. friends during those days were much "cool" than nowadays. makin besar, makin byk drama yer. whateva it is, life must go on.

ps: just watched couples retreat. nak pegi eden island. cantek :)

~silly me. salah fhm rupenye..hahaha..:DD sorry yer :)


Mystic--Legend-- said...

tanyaaaaaaaaaa laaa dulu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

misz amalz said...

hahaha :DD soriiiiiiiiiii
dh update dh isi blog neh..ade pembetulan..hahaha :DDDDDDDDDDD
omg, im such a drama queen..hahaha :DDDD