Monday, November 23

off for holidayyyyy

after two days working superbly hard for my thesis paper, now im off for holiday. thanksgiving holiday. ahhh, dh lama gile x cuti.huhu :( so, where i am going? wisconsin,then minnesota. never been there. so, kind of excited :D plus, nanti nk men snowboarding. perasaan takut tu x de lagi tp terfikir juga, how im gonna 'do' it? x penah snowboarding before. so, tgok la mcm mana. hopefully, im back in one piece. hopefully.

but right now i feel bad.sadddd :( im supposedly having thanksgiving dinner with janet. instead, im going to minne plak kan. haish~~ im such a bad person :( im sorry janet, but i still love u though. always :) maybe next time [ hopefully my suprise for janet menjadi. i really hope she like it. nak tau ape suprisenya? later baru story okayyyy. klu tak, tak suprise lar kan ;p ]

okay, im supposedly sleep rite now. its 2.37 am in the morning okaayyy. nite guys and have a sweet dream :)

till then,
lina :)
ps: i love when janet called me lina. rasa mcm girlish2 sikit. auuwwww.


Zz~ said...

jadi ke datang RIT ni? hoho

misz amalz said...

bile malaysian nite korang, kalau ade, sure aku datang. aku bwk "komrad purdue" plak..hahaha :DDD